Oct 29, 2007

A Cleaning kind of weekend

My goodness, what a weekend! I simply asked my husband if he could shampoo the guest room and master bedroom carpets for me (we own a steam cleaner) and my oh my... he went on a cleaning binge! Of course, once he got going, I got motivated and we got so much done over the weekend! I feel like my house has been Spring-cleaned! Both upstairs bathrooms got cleaned literally from top to bottom. Walls washed, tile scrubbed, curtains and windows washed, floors scrubbed, etc. All the upstairs carpets got shampoo'd, and we pulled out the furniture in the master bedroom and cleaned behind and around it. More windows washed in my quilt room and Jeff's office. I cleaned all the baseboards and wiped down the stairs. I did FIFTEEN loads of laundry because I washed all the blankets, curtains and comforters. I even washed quilts that were hanging on the walls. Jeff cleaned out the guest room closet that had become a cache for his collections, and we moved the big heavy steamer trunk out of the guest room and down to the basement. He even took the vac downstairs to the basement and cleaned along the exposed ceiling, which is cob-web headquarters. I cleaned the family room, top to bottom, including washing windows, cleaning the fireplace, washing curtains, and re-arranging the furniture. I put slipcovers on the sofa and one of the chairs. In the kitchen I washed windows, scrubbed down the countertops, cleaned the refrigerator and cleaned all appliances. In the laundry room I reorganized the cupboards and cleaned behind the washer, dryer and freezer. The downstairs carpets still need to be shampoo'd, but that won't get done until next weekend. The last two rooms that need the same thorough Spring cleaning are my downstairs office and the dining room. Today I plan on taking all the dishes out of the dining room hutch and washing them. On Thursday I'll take curtains and drapes down from both rooms and clean them. My office needs a good paper decluttering, which I'll start today. I also need to re-organize the linen closet upstairs and the coat closet downstairs. We decluttered several closets, which provided two boxes of items to sell on Ebay, which I'll also start today. We've decided to sell things on Ebay to buy an HD TV for the family room. My To Do List is abnormally short for a Monday! -- Pack Jeff's lunch -- Make the bed -- Make Jeff's breakfast -- Ironing -- 3 hours of Ebay posting -- Hopefully some quilting time this afternoon

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