Nov 5, 2007

Monday's To Do List

I got all laundry done over the weekend, including ironing! Today's To Do list is not long, because I really need to get into the quilt room this afternoon and get some sewing done. Here's my list: To Do List - Monday -- Empty dishwasher - done -- Clean stove, counters - done -- Clean kitchen sink - done -- Jeff's breakfast - done -- Pack Jeff's lunch - done -- Put laundry away - done -- Sweep leaves off back deck - done -- Put pumpkin in trash? (or cut up and make muffins? pie filling?) -- Fill humidifier - done -- Quick clean* two upstairs bathrooms -done -- Dust master bedroom - done -- Change master bedroom sheets - done -- Empty kitchen trash - done -- Clean cat box - done *Quick cleaning bathrooms. With just the two of us using three bathrooms, it's not really necessary to scrub them from floor to ceiling every week, as it was when the kids were using them. I generally "quick clean" one week, then scrub thoroughly the next. For me, quick cleaning means simply using Scrubbing Bubbles wipes on the sink and toilet seats (and right behind the seat) and tank top. I put in clean towels and washcloths, check the TP and soap situation and refill if necessary. Then I swiffer the floor and empty the trash. Voila! Clean enough :)

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