Oct 27, 2007

Proud of both my kids!

It's always nice to have evidence that your children have grown up into thinking, caring, productive people. This week I was really proud of both my kids. JJ, age 27 (almost 28!) purchased six world series tickets and re-sold them on Ebay at a very very nice profit! The money he made from the tickets is going toward paying off his computer and a credit card. He and his wife, Lisa, are working very hard at becoming debt-free, and this was a giant step in that direction. I know there are many of us facing retirement who wish we were this smart back in our mid-20's! My daughter Mary, age 26, has taken on a second job. The company where she works as an executive assistant owns a condo, and they put out bids for someone to clean it every two weeks. She took the initiative and now has herself a very part time job (2 hours every 2 weeks) that pays very good money! She can use the boost financially, and I'm proud she's doing this, as opposed to the old days where she would find it easier just to ask us for extra money. :) Life is really sweet when you realize your kids are on the right track.

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