Aug 16, 2007

Wednesday - Hot hot hot

I had to include a new picture of Brayden, taken yesterday at breakfast. Whenever he's here (two days a week), he eats breakfast with his Grampy. I was delighted when Mary brought fruit salad (unsweetened) for his breakfast - and he loved it! Well, the blueberries he spit out, but loved the cantelope, grapes and bananas (which I added). You can also see his new Spiderman hat, which he loves and wears constantly. Such a little BOY!

Today was supposed to be car-shopping day but it's put off until Saturday, when the weather will be almost 20 degrees cooler. This has been the hottest summer here in the Cincinnati area! I believe we've had 17 straight days of 90 degrees and over -- and most were WAY over. I still haven't decided on the kind of car I want, but am going to test drive the Ford Fusion, Dodge Avenger, Mercury Milan and Subaru Outback, and anything else that catches my fancy while I'm out there. It will be an all-day event, but I will come back with a new car!

My To Do List today is short, and most of my day will be spent working on the quilt for Jeff's Aunt's 90th birthday (which you can see a picture of in my other blog).

Today's TO LIST
  • Make bed - done
  • Make guest bed - done
  • Dishes into dishwasher - done
  • Pack Jeff's lunch - done
  • Jeff's breakfast - done (breakfast burrito of scrambled egg, ham, cheese)
  • Quick overall pick up in family room and kitchen
  • Put trash cans away - done
  • Clean up toys on deck and empty "pool"

About 15 more minutes of housework and it's off to the quilt room for the day. Yay!

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