Aug 18, 2007

Car Shopping

I had no idea buying a new car was going to be this difficult. I have just returned from 7 hours of test driving cars. Two of them I definitely liked -- the Mitsubishi Outlander was my first test drive and I loved it. UNfortunately, the seat is not adjustable enough and aggravated my back terribly. Next I re-tested the Jeep Liberty and love it. However, I'd read a negative review about road noise on the highway, so I asked to test drive it on the highway and sure enough, there's an actual "whine" high pitched sound that might be pretty destracting on a long trip. Back-wise it was good. I also test drove a Pontiac Torrent. The seat was comfortable and adjustable, but overall, the car just didn't have enough power and just plain didn't feel "right" for me. Lastly, I test drove the Toyota Camry. Much larger than I expected, and really "frills-free". I drove a 4 cyclinder and definitely wanted a 6 cyclinder, which still would have been in my price range. But huge problem - despite a lot of seat adjustments, including lumbar support, by the time I finished our 20 minute test drive I was almost in tears from pain in my back. Ugh. I had to come home after the Toyota caused such back pain, so I plan on heading out again tomorrow to test drive the Ford Fusion (which I actually drove last January and loved), the Subaru Outback, and the Dodge Avenger. At this point, the Jeep Liberty is winning. I don't take my car on the highway all that often, so I may be able to live with the whine. As the salesman said, "That's what they make radio's for." LOL!

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