Aug 14, 2007

Tuesday is NOT Slug Day

As usual, I took Monday "off" from doing housework, so today I need to get busy. It's all about cleaning the upstairs today. Here's my To Do List:
  • Vac upstairs, all rooms - done
  • Dust upstairs - master bedrm, guest rm, hallway - done
  • Wash bathroom area rugs - done
  • Clean bathrooms thoroughly - done
  • Empty all trash - done
  • Wash bathroom floors - done
  • Cob web check all rooms - done
  • Vac heat returns - done
  • Straighten linen closet - done
  • Get some lavender from garden and put in linen closet
  • Vac stairs, wipe down side molding - done
  • Polish bannisters - done

That ought to keep me busy.

Dinner tonight is steak fajitas (leftover marinated steak from last night's dinner with lots of onions, green peppers, tomatoes from the garden served on steamed burrito wraps) and corn on the cob. I think next year I'm going to try growing corn in my veg garden. This is "corn country" and there's no reason it shouldn't do well -- and it will certainly taste better than the corn purchased at the grocery store that's probably a week old by the time I buy it!

Although our weather forecast continues in the 90's, this morning is UNbelievably cool and crisp! I have turned off the AC and opened up some windows and the door to take advantage of getting fresh air into the house. Even if I can just get an hour or so of cooler air, it's nice to be able to air things out after a long hot summer of AC!

Helpful Household Hint

Last year we had a new glass slider patio door installed, and the gentleman who installed it gave me this helpful hint. To keep the door sliding smoothly and to keep the frame clean, use spray furniture polish! Just spray the furniture polish in the grooves and wipe off (and use a toothbrush in the corners and grooves where the rag won't clean). It keeps our screen and glass doors sliding smoothly!

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