Aug 13, 2007

There's a raccoon in my garden, no, wait...

Jeff and I decided last night we were going to get up and view the meteor showers at 2am. HA! For some reason we stayed up until almost midnight, but didn't stay up for another two hours for the meteors. Instead, we set the alarm clock for 2am. I had difficulty falling asleep and remember seeing the clock at 1:55am -- and the next thing I knew the alarm was going off! I was not in the mood to get up, so instead gave Jeff a nudge and made him make the decision -- he promptly hit the snooze alarm and we both went right back to sleep. 10 minutes later, the alarm went off again -- and he got up, glanced out the window, didn't see any meteors (LOL!) and announced it was too cloudy to see meteors. Whether or not that's true I'll never know, because that's all it took to get me back to sleep! Up at the usual 6am, so that's four hours sleep. Luckily, it's Monday, which is my OFFICIAL "Slug Day" so I didn't have much on my To Do List today. Mary came over at lunch time and we had a nice talk -- I always enjoy having some alone time with her :) She's got so much of her life on track that she's still my miracle daughter and I'm so proud of her. Today I surprised her by asking her if she wants my SUV. She can either get it repaired for SIL to drive, or she can sell it and keep half the profit. Of course, she jumped at the chance and said yes, she wanted it. Good. Once less thing to worry about -- how to get rid of my old car. And YES YES YES the check for the new car came in today. Jeff will deposit it for me tomorrow, and I'll be off car shopping on Thursday with full intentions of bringing home a new car THAT day. FINALLY! I wish I could go on Wednesday, but I have Brayden that day, and can't imagine trying to juggle a car seat in all the cars I want to test drive, so it will have to wait until Thursday. Hmmm... Maybe I can go Tuesday evening. Hadn't thought of that. I looked out my kitchen window this morning and saw a raccoon acting kind of crazy on the other side of my vegetable garden. At first I thought he was digging in the ground, but then he started turning around in circles and just being really weird. I couldn't see too well as it was all the way across our yard and between our veg garden and the neighbor's. I went out to the side yard to get a better look (without getting too close, since we had one rabid raccoon in our neighborhood and this one was acting strange enough to be a second), and found the neighbor had a cage out and the raccoon was in the cage. The neighbor has a GORGEOUS vegetable garden (puts mine to shame) and I can't blame him for not wanting a raccoon in there. BUT the poor thing was out there in the cage for hours and hours in the 95+ degree heat! I finally went out and turned the sprinkler on in my garden, because I knew the water would hit the area where the cage was and give the poor guy a drink. Seemed to work because he calmed down quite a bit after that. Around 1pm the cage and raccoon were gone, so I assume he's on his way to a nice wooded area far far from here. Jeff has gone off to a work get-together tonight. Spouses were invited but I opted out for this one. I've gone to all the others and very few of the spouses have attended more than one or two, so I decided it wouldn't hurt anything to sit this one out. Besides, even if it's on the river (Ohio River) it's just too darn hot and humid to sit outside all afternoon.

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