Aug 12, 2007

Sunday - Not much of a day of rest!

I was hoping I'd be out car shopping today, but unfortunately, the stock check hasn't arrived yet. Ah well... a few more days without my own car won't kill me. Hopefully it will come in tomorrow and I can get out Monday and Tuesday. I'd like to test drive several cars before making up my mind. I plan on looking at the Ford Fusion, the 2008 Ford Taurus, the Subaru Tribeca and Forester, and a few Toyota's. I may also test drive a Dodge and Saturn as well. I test drove the Fusion a few months ago and LOVE it, and see that the price has come down about $5000 since then. So it's well within my budget.
Although it's a quiet day, it's certainly not been a "day of rest" today. I woke up fairly early (7:00) and got moving. I gathered laundry and brought it down to the laundry room, emptied the upstairs trash, brought down the upstairs coffee pot (yes, we have a coffee pot in our master bedroom!), and wanted to clean both coffee pots. Unfortunately, I was out of white vinegar, so decided to get in a run to WallyWorld, which I needed to do to buy the off-white thread I needed to work on the 90th birthday quilt anyway. Who would think I'd be out of off-white thread?!? So off I went to Wally-World, and also picked up a low (6 inches) clear plastic bin to put water in for Brayden to play with. He's been out on the deck playing in water in a tiny 8 x 8 tupperware container (!) with just a cup and a spoon, and having a ball. But then he decides he wants to "splash" and he tries to stand in funny to watch. We had a gorgeous pool given to us by a co-worker of Jeff's -- unfortunately, it had several holes in it and we had to throw it away (sorry June!!!). Too bad, because it was the nicest kid's pool I've ever seen -- with a little "hot tub" area, slide, and all kinds of blow-up toys (we kept the toys). Another co-worker transported it from one place to another -- and I think that must be where the holes occurred, since it didn't have holes when it left the original house, and did when it got to us!
Since I've been home, I've cleaned both coffee pots, and done 3 loads of laundry. I have ironing to do this afternoon, which I'll do while the NASCAR race is on.
Our weather here is still nasty hot -- 95+ today and very humid. I'd say I'm tired of the hot weather, but to be honest, with central air in the house and air conditioned cars -- who really notices?!?  I don't get out in the garden much during this hot weather, but did get out and pick some green peppers yesterday - gorgeous peppers. They do love this hot weather.
This afternoon I'm headed to my quilt room now that I have the thread I need. Should be able to get the pieced and applique strips sewn together and the fabric cut to start the borders. (See my other blog for details on the quilt I'm working on.)
Because we'll watch the race, this afternoon will be a lazy one. Jeff's still suffering from his cold, but I'm happy to say that I feel like I'm almost over mine. Phew. Not nearly as bad as the last bout I had a few months ago!. Jeff actually mentioned going to the doctor this week if he continues to feel so bad -- so you know he's sick if he's talking about going to the doctor!

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