Aug 21, 2007

Life goes back to normal

Ahhhh...done with car shopping, done with fretting about car shopping, done with having to worry about Jeff getting to work OK when he drove my Montero, done with having no car during the day! Yay! Today, I did ask Jeff to take the new car to work. I know he wants to show it off to his co-workers, and he deserves to! We've also agreed that on the days I have Brayden, Jeff will take the new car and I'll drive the Focus. That's fine with me. I don't want apple juice spills and car seat imprints on the leather interior of the new car. And that will give Jeff plenty of time to drive it too. Because this is the first car I've picked out on my own, I want to make sure he doesn't feel like it's just "MY" car, but that it belongs to both of us. We're already talking about a road trip. I mean, this is a car meant for travel! So it looks like later September or early October we're going to drive up to Niagara Falls for a long weekend. I'm looking forward to it already. So today I get back on track with a normal day. My To Do list isn't that long, but it's heavy on quilting time because I have to get the birthday quilt done by Friday for Jeff to take with him to Mass. for his aunt's birthday party. So my list for today: To Do List
  • Take the Focus in to get it washed and vac'd
  • Sign up for new Quilt University class
  • Laundry
  • Change sheets on master bed
  • Clean up kitchen, sweep floor - done
  • Dishes out of dishwasher - done
  • Jeff's breakfast - done
  • Pack Jeff's lunch - done
  • Spent afternoon working on quilt

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