Aug 25, 2007

Isn't he lovely...isn't he wunnnnn der fulllllll....

Is it even humanly possible that there is a more wonderful grandson on this earth than mine?? LOL Is this child beautiful, or what?! I'm trying to find a picture of his mom at this age because the resemblance is just heart-stopping. At 18 months old, he is the best of both my (now grown) children. He has his Uncle Jeff's smarts and a keen ability on when to use them to his advantage :) He has his mother's huge heart and sweet disposition and cares deeply about the feelings of others. He also has her unusual and charming sense of humor and apparently her organizational skills thrown in to the mix. He's a very quiet, serious child and gets these attributes from his Dad.
And throw all these things together and he is his own person with his very own likes, dislikes, special things that make him laugh and things that aggravate him and he's willing to let you know exactly which one it is!

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