Aug 20, 2007

Woooo Hooooo!

I finally finally finally found my new car! It's sitting in my garage right now. Done deal. It's a brand spanking new Ford 500 and ohmygawd, what a great car. As soon as I got in it, I knew it was the car for me. NO seat problems because the seat not only adjusts every which way, but the car has adjustable pedals, which solved the problem of my right leg having to be extended too far. I swear, sitting in this car is more comfortable than sitting in my own living room chair!

I went $1000 over budget, but hey -- that's still $9000 less than the original budget Jeff gave me, so I'm feeling OK about it. I did test drive the Focus, Fusion, and Escape and they were "OK" but the minute I sat in the 500 I knew. This is a "travel mobile"... perfect for long distance travelling -- roomy, comfortable, good gas mileage, etc. I'm so happy! Here's a pic:

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