Aug 7, 2007

Hot hot hot!

Good ol' summer in southwestern Ohio...harumph! The temp today is about 98 degrees with 70 percent humidity. It's so hot that when you go outside, it's like walking into a furnace. At the back of my mind I am constantly thinking of people who are living in this area without air conditioning. I just can't imagine how they survive. If we still had our New Hampshire room airconditioners, I'd be donating them for sure. Brayden's babysitter overslept this morning, so Brayden came to my house today instead of tomorrow. Poor little guy has a nasty, phlemmy cough, but that didn't do one thing to change that sweet little disposition. We had a very good day. We went outside this morning and I hooked up the hose and let him water the flowers -- Gramma and the grass got far more water than the flowers did, but oh well -- we had fun. This afternoon when it was too hot to go out in the sun, we went out on the back deck (which has a canopy) and I brought out a tupperware container full of water, a spoon and a measuring cup. I stripped Brayden, diaper and all, and just let him have at the water. I ended up refilling the container about 6 times, but he had so much fun splashing around in that little bit of water! We stayed outside for more than an hour, which is amazing, considering the heat. Jeff is home sick again, same cold as Brayden. He seems a bit better today, but still feels real punky and tired. Because Brayden was here, my To Do list was small today. Here's what I've gotten done: -- 1 load of laundry -- Put clean dishes away (with Brayden's help) -- Reload dishwasher (with Brayden's help) -- Vac kitchen (with Brayden's help) -- Make bed -- Quilt - got in about an hour while he was taking his nap -- Put toys away after Brayden left Dinner tonight is hot dogs, rolls and salad. Too tired to do much else, and it's too hot to turn the oven on!

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