Aug 9, 2007

My letter to President Bush today

Dear President Bush,
I voted for you. Please - I ask you nicely and with respect - could you please stop making me regret it?
I'm not anti-war, but I am pro-America, and I'm really wishing you were a lot more pro-America and a lot less pro-every-foreign-country-that-isn't-up-to-your-status-quo.
America is in trouble. BIG trouble, Mr. Bush. And I believe you are so taken up with all your war activities that you've forgotten to look out your window. Yes, terrorism scares us all and 9/11 was a wake-up call. But there are other things out here scaring us, Mr. Bush -- and you and your fellow politicians are ignoring them.
Young adults who think it's fun to beat people up, bully other children, do anything necessary to get their 5 minutes of fame on YouTube -- that's scarey, Mr. Bush. Our elderly getting pommelled in the face for the sake of a few dollars, not being able to afford medicine that might extend or even save their lives, not being able to go outside their homes for fear of being mugged or abused -- that's scary stuff. Our children are being kidnapped, abused, used in pornography, bullied, victimized by their own parents or neighbors -- that's what's scarey. Or our children who think they need to have a cell phone by age 8, who listen to music that's demoralizing to women, who think saying the F word is good English, who have access to guns or who are victims of drive-by shootings, whose mothers are not old enough to be mothers, whose fathers have disappeared down the street to father other women's babies, whose parents think that being a good role model means being able to brag that they don't just get Welfare, they also have their children on disability -- that scares me silly, Mr. Bush.
What else scares me? A Wal-mart that is running our Mom & Pop businesses out of town but who has no respect for it's employees and imports a majority of its goods from China. Fortune 500 companies that now out-source their manufacturing to foreign countries after laying off a huge percentage of their American workers. Fake drugs being manufactured in China and sold in the U.S. that contain no semblance of the original drug but often contains poisonous materials. A justice system that is overwhelmed with stupid lawsuits just filed to see who can get money from whom. Young men who think it's easier to rob from the corner store than it is to get a job. People who think it's easier to scam people on the Internet and steal identities for free money than it is to get an education and a respectable job - that's what's scarey these days, Mr. Bush.
Dependence on foreign companies for oil, dependence on foreign lands for our manufacturing process, soon dependence on foreign countries for our vehicles.... it's almost too scarey to think about.
Please, Mr. Bush, please turn around and take a look at America. We have people starving right here. We have Gangs in our inner-cities who think our police forces are a joke and do as they like regardless of rules -- the same as you're fighting over in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan or wherever the fight-du-joeur is. We have people without medical insurance, children who can't read, elderly who are prisoners in their own homes -- right here, Mr. Bush.
Do you have any idea what your $500 BILLION dollars could have done to help your own country, Mr. Bush? How many manufacturing plants could have gone back into business to create American jobs. How many police forces could get some extra help? How many air conditioners or meals could we provide for the elderly? How many children could have gotten the medicine they need or a book to read or a toy to play with?
How many blankets could your $500 billion buy, Mr. Bush? How many nutritious meals? How many books for our public schools? How many bridges could it repair?
How many soldiers could we bring back to keep guard against terrorism HERE, Mr. Bush? How many soldiers could we use at our airports for security, at our borders to help with immigration problems, in our inner-cities to fight the war against drugs and gangs?
You are my President and I voted for you and I will never show you anything but respect, Mr. Bush. But please hear me -- please hear AMERICA -- WE NEED OUR PRESIDENT TO BE ON OUR SIDE. We need a President to care about what's happening in AMERICA. We need politicians to care about US and our cities and our towns and our neighborhoods.
We need our PRIDE back, Mr. Bush. We need our pride in our President and our government back. It's all been both given away and taken away. We don't want to bully the world, Mr. Bush. We just want a decent life for ourselves and our families, especially our children and our elderly.
It's time to take a step back from being Presiden to the WORLD, Mr. Bush -- and come back to being President of the United States -- your people NEED you.

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