Aug 6, 2007

Car Shopping and Today's To Do List

It's finally time to buy a NEW CAR! YAY! I have no idea what I want, but I do know I want something that gets 30+ mpg. Our mechanic (the world's BEST mechanic) wants me to buy American, and I will look at what's available. I did see an ad for a 2008 Taurus Crossover that I liked, but not sure if it's in my budget. I won't be able to go out looking for a few days -- waiting for the $$$ to come in to pay for the car. Instead of a car loan, we take a loan from our stock savings plan, and then the interest is paid back to us, rather than the credit union. The car payment is actually the same and comes right out of Jeff's paycheck - but the interest actually goes into our stock savings account. Since GE stock isn't doing well at the moment (or for the past several years - harumph!), this makes total sense financially. So meanwhile I'll be on the web looking at different cars. Nearby we have an "AutoMall" which has a dealership for literally every car maker, and is "one stop shopping". Quite convenient to shop for a new car this way! I was planning on going car shopping today, but now have to wait for the $$$ to come in, so it's time for a new To Do List. Here's what I plan on getting done today: MONDAY'S TO DO LIST -- Clean upstairs bathrooms -- Empty all upstairs trash -- Spend afternoon quilting -- Dishes out of dishwasher -- Sweep Kitchen floor I really need to vac and dust upstairs, but Jeff is home sick today with a nasty cold and cough, and I don't want to stir up dust and make him cough more. So my day just got a whole lot easier! The downstairs is still clean so nothing major to do there other than keep the kitchen cleaned up. DINNER ideas - Hmm...with Jeff sick it needs to be something simple, but it's WAY too hot to make soup. I have some leftover roasted chicken, so maybe I will make a stir fry with chicken, green peppers (from the garden!), green beans (also from the garden!), onions, garlic (good for his cold) and noodles, all with a light sauce made just from some chicken stock and ?? not sure what yet. That will be light enough for this nasty hot weather and without milk or cream so it won't aggravate his cough.

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