Jul 31, 2007

Tuesday's To Do List

It's errand day today, so most of my day will be spent out and about.
  • Make bed - done
  • Jeff's breakfast - done
  • Pack Jeff's lunch - done
  • Dishes out of dishwasher - done
  • Clean kitchen sink - done
  • Mail B's birthday card
  • Grocery shopping, bank, post office, misc. shopping
  • Start gathering things to sell on Ebay and donate

I've decided it's time to rid myself of some things I've been waffling about selling on Ebay. I have a lot of (really good and pricey) yarn boxed up down in the basement, some other non-quilt craft items in my quilt room (particularly embroidery projects and transfers) and miscellaneous items that are just taking up space but not being appreciated. I'm going to start gathering them and have one long selling-spree on Ebay. I'm also going to freecycle a lot of books and kitchen items that are no longer being used. Time for a major decluttering around here!

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