Jul 31, 2007

Such a waste of time

One of my errands today was taking me down I-75 for 30 miles into northern Kentucky, so I had Jeff's car, since mine has been declared legally on it's last legs by "our mechanic" and I refuse to drive it any further than the mile-away WallyWorld. I normally take an audio book with me and enjoy the drive. I always check Cincinnati traffic cameras before I leave, because traffic jams on a hot day just don't do anything for me! I left the house around 9:30am, figuring to get down and back before the 90plus degree weather hit later today. I didn't get 10 miles down the road when I ran smack into a full-stop traffic jam... ARGH! I was doing OK with that... I mean, I can just sit and listen to my audio book, sip the coffee I brought with me --life certainly could be worse, right? But then I happened to glance down at my dashboard -- to see that the car was overheating! It did this once before on the way to Cincinnati when Jeff was driving, but I have a real THING about being broken down along the highway. I called Jeff on the cell phone (I was right in front of where he works!) and my cell phone was dying! LOL! He said to just pull over and park for 5 minutes because sometimes the fan gets stuck (?), but I just decided to forget about the trip, got off at the next exit and headed back home.

I am SO over cars that don't work right. I swear I go into a panic attack if a car so much as burps, and I am just beyond upset that both of our cars have problems right now. Jeff will take his car to the mechanic Wednesday PM, so that will leave us with just my JUNK for the following two days.

I love my husband dearly, but I swear, the older he gets the more rusted shut his pockets get! I NEED A NEW CAR!!!!!!!!!

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