Jul 30, 2007

Keeping life F-U-N

Jeff and I celebrated our 29th anniversary on July 22nd. We have officially been with each other longer than we have been without each other. How cool is that?!? I happen to be married to the world's BEST husband. There's not a day that goes by that he doesn't make me laugh, and that really seems important to both of us. We enjoy each other's company, we share many interests and yet we also respect each other's right to have individual interests. He is an amazing man, wonderful father to our two grown children, and adored by our grandson. He does housework (I'm not kidding!), he attacks "Honey Dew" lists like they are the most important thing in the world, and he never gets himself a cup of coffee without asking me if I'd like one too. He actually LIKES the fact that I'm a housewife -- and I try my best to take good care of him and show him how much I appreciate his hard work for the good life we have. On the other hand, some days the man deserves a medal for staying married to me. Case in point: My 12-year-old SUV has been officially declared dead by the world's best mechanic, but for some accountant-like reason, we're not replacing it until it has gasped it's last breath. I live in fear of breaking down along the road somewhere. When I need to go any distance, Jeff and I swap cars and he drives mine to work. I'm actually hoping it will die while he's driving it, so we can get on with getting a new car. But as long as the one moves forward, it's "good enough" in Jeff's book. I do have a WallyWorld within a 1 mile driving distance of my house, so I will drive my car there -- figuring I could walk home if it broke down along the way. Thursday later afternoon I went grocery shopping at WallyWorld (hate the store - hate the fact that for now I'm forced to shop there - hate the fact they make me grocery shop on one side of the store and then force me to walk a zillion miles to the other side of the store to get cat food! Hate the fact they make their money on me being an impulse buyer -- ha! fooled them! I've got "sticking to the list" down to a fine art just to spite them!). Apparently, Jeff got out of work early and arrived home before I did. JUST as I was pulling into the garage, my cell phone rang. I shut the car off and answered it. "Hi - just wanted to make sure you're OK - the car's OK?" My sweet husband looking out for me, as usual... My response? "Nope. I was just going to call you. The car won't start and I'm sitting here in the parking lot with a load of melting frozen food. Can you come rescue me?" His reaction was as expected - a bit of panic, a lot of "I'm so glad I was home when this happened" and immediate "I'm on my way!" Now remember, I'm 10 feet away sitting in my car in the garage! LOL! It didn't take him 10 seconds to come running out the door (You could practically SEE his Superman cape flapping along behind him -- he was on his way to rescue me!). He got 3 feet across the garage and realized he was standing in front of my car, and looked up. I smiled and waved :) Hahahaha. Love it. Love it. Love it. Eventually, we had a good laugh :) Took him a few minutes though! He deserves a medal, honest!!!

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