May 25, 2014

Home Sweet Home

We just returned home after putting on another few thousand miles on our car, another series of great visits with friends and family, and another reminder just how much we love to be HOME! Jeff and I have both agreed - that's enough traveling at least until Fall. Summer is going to be time for getting home projects done, spending time with our grandchildren, and generally relaxing and just enjoying life.

I've got a Want To Do List a mile long, mostly to do with gardening and some home decorating. Every room in the house needs to be painted. We have new Anderson windows being installed in the next few weeks. I've got a kitchen table that needs to be refinished. And I have so many sewing ideas swimming around in my head I don't know where to start!

Jeff and I have also agreed to take our TWO grandsons - Mr. B, now age 8, and the newly minted Mr. R, age 3 months - every other Friday throughout the summer. I'm actually excited about it. One of us will do a fun activity with Mr. B - geocaching, metal detecting, fishing, visiting local museums, etc. - and the other will have some major bonding time with Mr. R. I can't wait!

And speaking of Mr. R - I have not posted his pic here on my blog yet!! He is a precious little guy and a seemingly super-happy baby. At 3 months, he is sleeping 6 hours a night already, and lots more nap time during the day. So - Introducing my newest little heart-grabber - Mr. Riley Jay Bolden.

Oh yeah, I can spend some time with that smiley little face!!!

Life is good - and then you get one more precious grandchild added to your family to make it even better.

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Karen said...

We love to travel, but we love to be home too! We spend the weekend in Vermont and then I was excited to get home and see how my garden was doing!