Jun 9, 2013

My Day of Rest and Relaxation?

My sister, Sarah, shared this ecard on FaceBook.

My comment to her post was, "I got the wrong end of the stick on this one. I tell myself, 'Stop cleaning and go sit on the deck and read.' Then I tell myself, 'Maybe later.'"

And I wasn't joking. I noticed today how true this actually is.

I am enjoying my weekend off from babysitting Mr. B. I needed to re-energize and reconfirm I can hold adult conversations. I woke up early this morning, looking forward to spending the day relaxing. Maybe some reading. Maybe some weaving. Maybe some sewing too!

But first, of course, I just had to do "a few things". It's difficult to sit down and relax if all I can think about is what needs to be done around the house. So my "few things" have SO FAR turned into:

  • Make the bed.
  • Sweep kitchen floor.
  • Put clean dishes away.
  • Wash four loads of sheets and pillowcases.
  • Hang all four loads out to dry.
  • Put yesterday's laundry away.
  • Make up the week's menus, including lunch menus for Mr. B.
  • Make a grocery list. Check store ads online. Cross-check with coupons.
  • Go grocery shopping. When I got in my car, I noticed it was messy, so I...
  • Cleaned out trash and "stuff" from car.
  • Put groceries away. And since I was doing that...
  • Re-organize kitchen cabinets/pantry. And...
  • Clean out refrigerator. So then I had to...
  • Take out the trash and...
  • Put containers, dishes from refrigerator into dishwasher.
Now, normally I don't have that many sheets to wash. But I did change the guest room bed this week, plus the master bedroom sheets, plus I've been putting a flat sheet over our duvet because the cat keeps sleeping on the bed and I can't stand having cat fur on my clean bed! So it was the "perfect storm" of sheets this week.

It's now 1:30 pm, still one load in the washer that needs to be hung out, and probably half of what is hanging out is dry and ready to come in. Which means I'll have to fold them and put them away in the linen closet. I'm hoping that doesn't need straightening!

And I may just close my eyes when I walk past my husband's bathroom.... just for today.

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