May 14, 2012

Changes in my vegetable garden

What a difference two weeks makes. Here's my vegetable garden on 04/29:


And here it is this morning. 
The tomato plants are about 16 inches high now, and one has buds on it already, thanks to this Spring's unusually hot days. The "teepee" over the broccoli (upper right corner) has green beans planted at the bottom of each stake. My theory is that our weather here is so warm so early that the broccoli is going to flower too soon. By planting the green beans to climb up the legs of the "teepee", I'm hoping to shade the broccoli enough to get at least one head from each plant. I also planted spinach and lettuce between the broccoli plants in hopes, again, the shade provided by the climbing green beans will keep them cool enough to provide a harvest. We'll see!

I'm having a problem with ants and other bugs already. Looking for some natural solutions. I know white vinegar works well on ants around the house, but am worried the vinegar might damage the vegetable plants. Anyone have any experience with vinegar in the vegetable garden?

My only other problem is that my cucumbers seeds have not sprouted after 10 days. I guess I'll have to replant or perhaps start plants in separate containers and then place them in the garden later. I also figured out I won't be able to plant zucchini in the raised bed garden -- just not enough room for even one of those huge plants. Perhaps I can talk my neighbor into planting one for me in his garden.

Life is good!


Jeane said...

Cool! I love what you did in your garden.

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Verna G said...

I always enjoyed your blog. Where have you gone to? Hope all is well!