Apr 5, 2012

Behind in everything

I had "one of those" colds... it lasted almost three weeks and put me down enough so I didn't feel like doing much of anything. Just babysitting Mr. B. for 90 minutes after school took all the energy I could muster. In fact, I even "called in sick" for my full day of Friday babysitting one week, and I think that may have been the first time in several years.

It was just mid-week last week when I finally started feeling better... not 100%, but definitely better. Housecleaning essentials, grocery shopping, and some sewing were about all I could accomplish.

Then this week snuck up and took me by surprise -- Spring Break from school for Mr. B! And of course, his other babysitter doesn't babysit during school vacation. Sigh. So Mr. B. has been with me fulltime this week.

So now, I'm behind on everything. Housework, laundry, grocery shopping, baking, gardening, you name it. I'm feeling about 95% better - the cold/cough still tends to kick in in the middle of the night, which makes sleeping tough.

Today my husband took Mr. B. out for the day. Bless his heart. I needed a break, and I'm pretty sure Mr. B. did too. The first thing I did was make up a grocery list and get the grocery shopping done. This afternoon I'm emptying all the trash in the house, cleaning out the fridge, and trying to get caught up on laundry.

Since I'm just back from grocery shopping, I thought I'd sit down and make out my menus for the next 10 days, before I forget what I've bought and what I've put in the freezer. So here we go:

Green salad

Corn bread

Baked fish
Oven-fried potatoes

Sunday (Easter)
Baked bone-in Ham
Steamed green beans
Homemade rolls
Apple pie

Leftovers from Sunday

Leftover Rolls

Hot dogs w/crescent roll buns
Lentil soup from freezer

Green salad

Take-Out Chinese

Hamburgers on English Muffins
w/sliced tomatoes and lettuce
Oven-fried Sweet Potato Fries

Pork Chops w/applesauce
Potatoes au gratin
Homemade rolls

There, I feel better already just getting those menus figured out and written down. Now, it's on to making To Do Lists for the week to get the housework caught up!

Life is Good!

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