Apr 7, 2012

A Backwards To Do List

My sister posted on FaceBook this morning that it is "No Housework Day". Fat chance! I have so much to catch up on, that I can't even think about celebrating such a wonderful holiday.

Although I did, indeed, make up my To Do List first thing this morning, I really have so much to do that I'm simply doing things as I remember them. So today, I'm going to post a backwards To Do List. I'm going to post things AS I do them, rather than things I SHOULD do. I will also post them in the order done. Today I'm just focusing on the downstairs (except for changing master bedroom sheets).

Here we go.

Shower, get dressed.
Play 6 games of UNO on my Kindle while I drink my coffee.
It's now 9:30 am.
Feed the cat.
Scoop kitty litter box.
Dishes from sink to dishwasher.
Wipe down kitchen counters and stove.
Make bread in bread machine with peach oatmeal packets.
Take random items on stairs upstairs and put away.
Strip sheets from bed.
Gather all laundry and take to laundry room.
Hang down comforter outside to air out.
First load of laundry.
Straighten family room, fluff pillows, remove all trash.
Read email, FaceBook, and start this post.
Take kitchen compost out to bin.
Pick up downstairs bathroom, towels and washcloths to laundry.
Clean kitchen sink.
Fresh towel, dishcloth in kitchen.
Wipe down kitchen appliances.
Check refrigerator for spoiled food. Quick organize.
Empty kitchen trash.
Grab a cup of coffee, add to this post, relax for a few minutes.
Second load of laundry.
Gather all of Mr. B's flotsam and jetsam left here, put under bench by front door.
Water plants.
Straighten/dust kitchen book shelves.
Straighten/dust computer desk area.
Dust all of family room, including bookcases.
Dust all of kitchen.
Replenish dry cat food container.
Wash down kitchen, family room, dining room, den windowsills.
Shake out area rugs.
Turn off heat, open up some windows!
It's now 12:15 (noon)
Change supper menu plans - now plan on French Toast made with the
  nice peach bread I made this morning. Smells Yummy!
Phone call - Can I babysit Mr. B. this afternoon so daughter can do Easter Basket shopping? Yes,   but with time restriction.
Third load of laundry in.
Fold first load of laundry.
Dust den.
Dust dining room.
Put clean tablecloth on dining room table, with Easter candles.
Smell something burning.
EEK! My bread didn't come out right?! Hmmm... switch dinner menu back. Rats.
Make tuna salad sandwich, grab a Diet Coke and my book, and go out on deck and
  relax for a few minutes. What a gorgeous day.
Cut lilacs for Easter table centerpiece.
It's now 1:15.
Fourth load of laundry in.
Fold second load of laundry.
Get out vac.
Clean downstairs guest bath (toilet, sink, mirror, counter).
Empty trash in guest bath and laundry room.
Shake out area rug by front door.
Sweep front porch.
Ugh. Starting to tire out a bit. I really, really need to get the downstairs vac'd so... ever onward!
Shake out laundry room area rug.
Wipe down washer, dryer, freezer.
Made new batch of hummingbird food for the feeder.
Windex/clean patio doors and kitchen side door where Joey the Killer cat scratches with his muddy paws to get my attention to let him in.
10 minute break on the deck. Close my eyes and enjoy the sunshine. Rest my back.
Finally! Vac kitchen, family room, den, dining room, hallway, guest bathroom.
Put vac away (replacing all attachments first!)
Fifth load of laundry in.
Fold third load of laundry.
Thinking tonight be a great night to order Chinese.
Quick straighten upstairs bathrooms, check supplies (toilet paper, soap)
Sixth load of laundry in.
Fold fourth load.
Decide to wash family room sofa and chair slipcovers. Rats, thought I was almost done.
Wipe down leather couch and chair now that slipcovers are off.
Motrin time. My back is starting to scream, so it's just about time to quit.
Took down hanging down comforter, head upstairs.
Clean sheets on the bed. Mmmmm... love it.
Seventh load of laundry in.
Fold fifth load.
One load of laundry to go, two to fold.
Once all the laundry is done, Jeff will tote the baskets upstairs for me, and put away his clothes and sheets and towels to the linen closet. I'll put mine away when I go up to go to bed tonight.
Just as I sit down to watch a little HGTV (House Hunters), Mr. B. arrives. Of course! No rest for the weary around here! However, Jeff had set up horseshoes in the backyard, and the boys went off to pitch horseshoes, talk boy talk, and drive the lawn mower. Guy stuff - good. I'm headed back to watch my show.

Don't think this is my average day. This is a MUST DO housework day after being sick and having to recover, then having my grandson here for five days. I absolutely do not normally do this much housework in one day!

The good news? My downstairs smells and looks clean. The bad news? I need to do almost as much upstairs still! Tomorrow is Easter and will be a family day. Monday is a ME day -- I have not had my house to myself for 10 days and I want to just sit and listen to the peace and quiet, and maybe do some sewing, for the entire day. So the upstairs will wait until Tuesday.

Life is good -- and a whole lot cleaner than it was 24 hours ago.


Living on Less Money said...

I'm worn out just reading your to do list. :-) Good job! I hope you can rest tomorrow.

Karen said...

How in the world can you have seven loads of laundry? I don't own that much stuff to wash!

Martha said...

Just a quick howdy - I have awarded you a blogger award. Go to my blog to read all about it. http://thepathtofrugality.blogspot.com/