Feb 19, 2012

This Week's Menu and To Do List

Lots of things spinning around in my head to get done this week, so it will help me to make a list here.

Our GreenBeanDelivery bin arrives on Tuesday and this week it seems to be mostly fruits and salad items. The bin comes every two weeks, and I try to use up the contents before the next bin arrives.


(Extra long day of babysitting)
Subway take out - $5 footlongs

Green salad w/bacon and poached egg
(variation of this recipe)

Ham slices
Scrambled Eggs
Sliced Oranges
Toast (homemade peach oatmeal bread)

Oven fried chicken
Sweet potato fries
Orange glazed carrots
Green salad

Homemade Fish Chowder (with haddock, potatoes and corn)

Spam slices (on sale this week and Jeff loves it)
Mixed fruit salad


I need to take advantage of this no-snow winter we're having and get a few things done outside.

Build raised planter beds for vegetables (I'm shutting down my huge vegetable garden and going to three raised planters just off my back deck.)
-- Power wash old wooden decking to use for planter sides
-- Stain same decking
-- Put planter/beds together, line with landscape fabric
-- Start compost of leaves/grass in each

Start new Lego-themed quilt for Mr. B.  I've got it designed, I've purchased the fabric (there's no such thing as "registered" Lego fabric, by the way) and now it's just a matter of starting.

Finish dress/jacket for Miss Aimee. Almost done. It's adorable! Pictures soon.

Again, take advantage of this gorgeous (high 40's, low 50's) weather and do some weeding in the front gardens. I think this sounds like a job to share with Mr. B. when he's here on Monday for the day.

Purge closet and donate. For someone who never has anything to wear, I sure do have a lot of clothes!

Armoire in garage. Not sure what to do with this. It's a beautiful waterfall-style armoire that's been sitting in our garage for years, just taking up space. The more I see re-purposed old furniture, the more I'm thinking about painting it and/or turning it into a sewing storage cabinet (with fold-out table for a sewing machine?). Need to figure out where I'd put it before I decide to paint it.

It's NASCAR season once again. Jeff and I are big NASCAR fans, and rarely (OK, never!) miss a race on TV. But these races can be from 3 to 5 hours long, and that's a huge amount of time sitting and doing nothing except watching TV. So it's time to get out quilting that I can work on while watching the races. I need to revive the Cathedral Windows quilt I was working on last year, put it in a basket in the family room so it's easily accessible during races.

That's all that's on my mind for now. Life is good!


Verna G said...

We live in Western CAnada. My son and his wife are big Nascar fans. They got married at the Nascar race in Charlotte last fall. Interesting! Married by the track minister at noon on the day of the race. I'm not a race fan but I did stay to watch the race, sitting on the in field about 6 feet from the track! It was a fun day!

beebee said...

wow you have a lot planned!
I wish I had your energy.
Thanks for visiting my blog. I enjoy reading yours!

Karen said...

We got a brand-new Subway in our town, and the girls decided to order lunch out and get the $5 footlongs. What a fiasco! One girl ended out with a meatball one with lettuce, tomato and pickle! And they refused to do anything about it. Needless to say, we're figuring that new Subway isn't going to be there very long.

~Carla~ said...

Ohhh..a Lego themed quilt will be awesome!! Good luck with all your goals!