Feb 27, 2012

The BEST reason to have grandkids

is free child labor!

Mr. B. turns SIX this week!! Combined with the (really unusual but welcome) Spring-like weather we're having here in southwestern Ohio, it's time to teach the young'un to do some yard work.

I'm proud of him. He worked hard (and, more importantly, without complaining!). He learned to:

Clip out old dead bushes

Push the wheel barrow and empty it.

Re-stack the stone wall

It's like a giant puzzle.

Dig under weeds and flip them over.
Rake leaves out of the garden.
And help with whatever else Umpa asked.


Karen said...

Fabulous! I hope Emily is as helpful as Mr. B.

beebee said...

he looks like he is having fun being with ya'll.
Our babies are only 3 1/2 but they help out with simple things
ie. bring the remote to Mamae, pick up the toys before they go home, find kisses on my cheek,
they are so much fun!

Maya Lee said...

It seems that having grandkids make your life even more meaningful. That's awesome.

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