Feb 6, 2012

Mr. B is sick

I received a phone call very early this morning. Mr. B was up on and off during the night with an earache. Could I take care of him for the day? Of course.

He arrived - with his stuff.

And since he's sick, he gets to play unlimited video games. And keep warm under the monkey blanket.

And have his favorite breakfast - blueberry oatmeal and orange juice.

Of course, my day has now changed. I planned on going grocery shopping. Instead, I'll be going to the pediatrician's office.

And then, I'll be giving medicine - and hugs - and smOOches - and enforcing the rule that if you don't go to school, you must take a nap.

After all, that's what Umma is for.


Carla said...

I sure wish u were my grandma especially when I was sick <3

beebee said...

poor baby, I hope he feels better soon. My DH and I are back up for our little one too. Reed spent the night here Thursday. We get him to come sleep over at least once a week. Friday morning he woke up with a fever so he ended spending the day Friday. We are happy to be able to be there for them.

Karen said...

Hope poor Mr. B. I know all that Umma-loving will make him feel better.