Jan 29, 2012

Hibernating in my sewing room

I seem to be on a sewing kick these days... it might be the cold weather that makes hibernating in my sewing room so inviting. I just finished a quilt which, unfortunately, I can't post a photo of because I'm sending it to someone as a surprise. I'll post a photo when it arrives and is acknowledged.

This weekend was spent on making a new purse for myself. It's been awhile since I made something for me, so it was time. I made the purse from some $1 a bolt upholstery fabric I bought a few months ago (the dark brown with large embroidered flowers), combined with a pair of jeans that Jeff recently discarded, and a pretty pink floral fabric from my stash.

In addition to the purse, you can see a wallet (far left), shopping list and coupon organizer and change purse -- all matching the purse, of course!

The best part of making something for yourself is you can make as many or as few pockets as you want. My new purse has pockets galore (8) on the inside, and just one large one on the outside. The wallet has 8 slots on the inside, for bank card, shopping cards, etc., plus two large slots for cash and checkbook. The coupon organizer has a shopping list pad, plus two long slots for coupons and receipts, and two smaller card pockets for shopping cards.

I'm surprised at how much I love the colors - dark brown, denim blue and pink. I started with the dark brown fabric and knew I wanted the blue in the floral design, but didn't have THE blue in my stash. I do, however, have a laundry basket full of discarded jeans, and the denim color was the exact shade of blue I needed. From there I found the vintage pink floral buttons, and I knew I had to bring in a pink floral fabric. Love the combination. Cheerful without being too summer-y, as this is a purse I will use this winter.

You can find the wallet tutorial/pattern here and the zippered change purse pattern here.

Now I'll move back to quilts again. My grandson just moved from a toddler bed to a twin, and needs a new quilt to go with it (has anyone seen any Lego fabric or quilt pattern??), and my granddaughter still does not have her first quilt from Umma!


landscapelady said...

Look at you! Getting all that done in a week end. I like pockets also and that coupon organizer ! I need one of those too. When I get some of my UFO s done I am going to do the same. You have inspired me:-)

Karen said...

I first saw the brown and pink combo on an outfit Emily was wearing, and I do have to say I like it very much. Your pocketbook and all the accessories is very cute. I haven't gotten into any kind of sewing mode with my new machine just yet.

NanaDiana said...

I LOVE it! You did a wonderful job on all your pieces. I am so ready to start sewing again. It is just sad that I haven't sewed in so long. You are an inspiration to get started. xo Diana