Sep 20, 2011

Tuesday's Schedule...

Again, I'm writing down my housework schedule for the week simply because it's working so well for me. See my previous post for detail info.

Tuesday is Clean the Downstairs Day - composed of the kitchen, family room, dining room, den, laundry room, and hallway.

First, of course, I need to do my Daily Chores (These get done every day of the week, before starting the Weekly Chores) 
Make Jeff's breakfast
Pack Jeff's lunch
Make the bed
Straighten all bathrooms - wipe down sinks, provide fresh towels, straighten
Good general downstairs pickup (put things back where they belong)
Run dishwasher and/or put dishes away
Wipe kitchen counters and stove top
Put out fresh kitchen linens (dish cloth, towel)

Then comes the Housework for Tuesday:
Vac/dust downstairs rooms
Windex 15 minutes*
Sweep front porch
Sweep deck/patio/hot tub area
One item from "Master List"

Today's Master List Item is a big one. I have been trying to find the right temperature/weather for staining our back deck. Although it's overcast and rainy this morning, the weather is predicted to be cool and sunny this afternoon. I powerwashed the deck last week, and all the furniture, grill, etc. have been removed. So if I can just get an hour of sun to dry it all out, I should be able to stain this afternoon. Mr. B. arrives from school at 4:15pm, so I need to be done by then. 5 yr olds and stain do not mix!

*Windex for 15 minutes: Does your home need to get it's sparkle back? This is one of my favorite housework tricks. Grab a bottle of Windex and 3 paper towels, set a timer for 15 minutes, and start Windex'ing. There are SO many things you can clean with Windex including, of course, windows! Kitchen appliances, sinks, glass on picture frames, storm doors, fingerprints on painted woodwork, TV screens, and so much more. Don't get distracted and don't stop until that timer goes off. Put your iPod on with your favorite music or an audio book, and this chore goes by in no time! Repeat at least once a week, and you'll definitely bring back the sparkle to your house.

It looks like there will be no Free Time today, but I really want to get this deck done and behind me so I can stop having it hang over me like a giant TO DO item on my list that I can't check off.

Yesterday in my afternoon free time I got a chance to read for several hours. I'm reviewing the new Alice Hoffman book, The Dovekeepers for Amazon. It's definitely headed for the best-seller list! If your library allows you to put books on reserve, do so now! If the author sounds familiar, she wrote Here on Earth, which was an Oprah Book Club selection.

Before lollygagging in a comfy chair with my coffee and book, I put the ingredients for a loaf of bread in my bread machine. I wanted a truly savory bread to go with tonight's spaghetti and meatballs, so in addition to the standard flour, salt, sugar, yeast, olive oil and water I use for my basic loaf, I added about 1/4 cup Ranch dressing, 1 tbsp oregano, and 2 minced cloves of garlic. I have to say, one of my better loaves of bread! It would also make a great pizza dough.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, a VERY short video of Mr. B's first day without training wheels!

See? I said it was short. LOL

Off now to "get 'er done" and stick to my schedule! Enjoy your day!


NanaDiana said...

I am pegging away at my list today too! I am also a Windex "groupie". I use it for everything...although I never thought to set a time to use it!;>)

I am intrigued by the Dovekeeper title and will look for it now. xo Diana

beebee said...

So cute, he does great without those extra wheels.
I love your site...wish I had your energy. I am trying to do better with housework. Most mornings I can barely move but by noon the pain in my knees and elbows subside enough for me to get a few things done. I need to set up a simple schedule like yours to make more progress. When I worked I had a house keeper but now that I am retired I keep up the house with the help of my DH. He vacuums and does laundry and cooks. He cleans the kitchen as he cooks. Since we have been married he has always helped me with the housework. only been married 40 years!