Sep 26, 2011

Miscellaneous Monday

Random thoughts this morning.

Does anyone else thinks our FDA might not being a good job at monitoring what goes into our foods? Example. Yesterday I cleaned out my bread drawer and found two hamburger rolls in original package that must have been in the drawer for at least three weeks. No mold. No rock hard bread. No smell. If anyone else in the house had gotten to them first they would have thought they were perfectly fine to eat. My question - just what kind of chemicals went into those things to make them keep that long? Yes, I threw them out.

I really have this strong urge lately to stand at a nearby busy intersection with a sign that says, "Stand with me for 5 minutes and let the gov't know we want our country back." 'Nuff said. I may just do it one of these days. Would you stand with me if you saw me on the street corner?

On the blog a few days ago I talked about doing some Halloween decorating. Confession - I never did go out and buy five pumpkins or great pots of mums for my front porch. L.A.Z.Y. much? I did, however, go "shopping" in my basement! (You never know what's down there!) And found this great piece of pottery that my husband must have picked up at an auction, plus a few other miscellaneous items. When I go grocery shopping this week I'll pick up a bouquet of sunflowers to put in the pottery piece.

Blurry, sorry. The table cloth is a great piece of cotton from India (flea market).

Leaf and Pumpkin cookie molds

Wonderful old witch with tissue paper cauldron.

I think I bought this pottery life-size skull at Big Lots for $1 about 20 years ago. He looks great with a candle inside.
I do love shopping in my basement.

I added a new recipe over on my "Teaching My Daughter to Cook" blog. I needed to use up a bunch of overripe fruit, and made a really fast and easy "tart". We had it warm last night with a bit of vanilla yogurt on the side. Yum and yum. The pears were actually a bit bland, so I was happy I'd added the raspberries and tart apple.

My husband and I just refinanced our house to take advantage of the unbelievable low interest rates available, and got a 10 year mortgage at 3.5%!! We rolled in a tiny second mortgage and a car payment. Now if we continue to pay the exact same amount on the mortgage that we paid on all three loans, our mortgage will be paid off in FOUR AND A HALF YEARS!! Be still my heart. I can't imagine life with no mortgage! I am very proud to say we have NO other bills to pay off. No credit cards, no other loans, na da.

No one in my family (except maybe my daughter-in-law - Hi Lisa!) reads this blog. Does your family read yours? You'd think they'd at least be curious if I'm talking about them, wouldn't you?

It's 9:15 and I should have been off the computer 15 minutes ago, according to my schedule. See? I can be flexible!

Since he doesn't read my blog, I guess I can talk about my husband now.
Jeff is a big time collector. I used say he wants to collect one of everything, but he has toned it down quite a bit in the last year or so, though he still can't not bid on anything to do with World War II memorabilia (which gives me full license to not be able to pass up good deals on fabric!). He used to go to auctions, but now does local online auctions. When he did live auctions, he'd bid on ten boxes of stuff just to get one item out of it, and the rest would go in our basement. When I realized our basement was FULL (as in, walk through corridors only), I called an auction company and they came with a BIG truck and took it all away and we made thousands of dollars. *beam* Two years ago I noticed the basement filling up again, so I started a booth at a local Antique Mall and we made some decent money there as well. NOW we've moved everything out of the Mall and are hauling it down to a local dealer who does online non-Ebay auctions and guess what? More money! And we don't have to pack and ship it as in my old Ebay days. There are definitely ways to make money on the side besides Ebay! My goal - by the time that mortgage is paid off in four and a half years, our house will be back down to things we need or love only!

I just found this list of "Top 24 Home Management Blogs" that you might like to look over. I voted for, of course. Love that blog. But check out I Heart Organizing blog and go to her right hand column and do a House tour. Seriously? People live like that? You have to wonder if her house looks that perfect ALL the time. And to be honest, my first thought - how the bleep does she afford all that Pottery Barn decorator furniture?! And do her kids' rooms actually look like that right now at this very second?! I'm just sayin'....

On the other hand, I'd love to hire her to come decorate MY house. I may be able to keep a house clean, but decorating is just not my forte. Maybe some day I'll do a "House Tour" and you can see for yourself.

Keep on keepin' on...  and enjoy your day!

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