Sep 12, 2011

Menus and To Do List for the Week of 09/12

It's a fairly easy week for me both To Do List-wise and Cooking-wise because I need to set aside several hours each day for reading. I review books and products for Amazon, and have fallen a bit behind, plus have two great hot-off-the-press quilting books to review for my Quilting on a Budget blog. (I'll be doing a GiveAway for one of the books, so do stop by later this week!)  If I don't schedule the time to read, it won't get done. So picture me with a nice glass of iced coffee, sitting on my deck enjoying our gorgeous Fall Ohio weather... It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it!

MENU FOR THE WEEK OF 09/12 - 09/18

Hot dogs
Baked beans
Mac and cheese
Cole Slaw

Pork Roast rubbed with garlic and sage
Browned Potatoes
(cooked in pan with roast)
Steamed green beans

Homemade Cheese pizza
Mixed green salad

Leftover pork roast slices, fried
Scrambled Eggs

Steak on the Grill
Corn on the Cob
Sliced Tomatoes with mozzarella and basil

Steak Fajitas (leftover from Friday)
with onions, peppers, tomatoes, flour tortillas
Tomato Orzo soup
Baked chicken breasts
Rice, gravy
Green peas


Vac and Dust upstairs
Straighten linen closet

Vac and Dust downstairs
Sweep front porch, back deck, patio, hot tub area

Collect all trash, upstairs and down
Thoroughly clean bathrooms (x 3)
Clean out fridge
Clean/organize coat closet in front hall (seriously needs to be decluttered!)
Wash kitchen, laundry room and hallway floors

Thursday - Errand Day
Glasses to Sears for repair
Books to Library
Thrift store
Post Office
Grocery shopping if needed

Friday - Babysitting Day
Change masterbedroom sheets
Clean out car
Clean out purse

AS TIME ALLOWS - Stain back deck, fence, and shed. This all depends on the weather. This is a project I will do for an hour or two at a time, so I hope to do it on and off all week. If it's not completed by the weekend, Jeff will help me finish.

You can find more menus at
I normally add my To Do List link to a web site called "Domestically Obsessed", but I just went there and found out she has taken a break from blogging. Although I'm disappointed (I *love* reading other people's To Do Lists! I know - creepy, right?), I certainly can understand that LIFE HAPPENS!

If you have a To Do List of items you want to accomplish this week, please share it right here in the comments section! Seriously. Other people's To Do Lists either remind me of what I need to do or make me feel good about what I've already done -- or (usually) both.


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