Jul 11, 2011

A quick sewing project - I Spy Bag with Eraseable List

Over the weekend, I made this quick I Spy Bag for Mr. B. This is a great quick project (made with uncooked rice in place of the hard-to-find white pellets) and it comes with  pocket on the back to hold a laminated photo of the items hidden in the bag, along with a Dry Erase marker - so he can "X" them off as he finds them. I found a great tutorial on the GlueSticks blog. With the exception of the time it took me to find the paper for my laminator (argh... in the box, exactly where it should have been and the last place I looked!), the project really took under 30 minutes.

There was a debate at my house whether Mr. B. would find such a simple toy interesting. After all, he plays video games and owns a Nintendo DS, plus knows his way around the computer. But, I am happy to say I gave the bag to Mr. B. this morning and he had a great time finding all the objects!

Front view
Back view - shows pocket with photo, and pocket for marker
I've been pleased lately to find out Mr. B. has a love of drawing - particularly drawing out stories! Today I showed him what a Flip Book looked like and we watched a few YouTube videos so he could see them. He was fascinated! This is a good simple starter book so he could see how they work.

Ssshhhh... the artist is at work. Mr. B. loves loves loves to draw. Today he is drawing an entire story (about AT-AT's, sharks, men with wings, and explosions). He is the most focused I've seen him. That's a good thing. And a quiet thing.

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Brandy said...

Hi Joan! Thanks so much for sending me a link to your I-Spy bag! It turned out fantastic and I am so glad that you were able to follow the tutorial easilly enough. That always worries me since I don't make tutorials very often! And your hunch was right....creative games are just as entertaining as the electronic ones! Have a wonderful week!