Jan 12, 2011

Progress in the sewing room

Although I still don't have pictures, I just wanted to come and make note that I am definitely making progress in my sewing room and, subsequently, throughout the house.

Today my husband is installing floor to ceiling shelves in the closet. That, combined with two bookcases, will be the space I limit myself to for all fabric. If I can't fit it all in that amount of space, I will keep getting rid of more until it does.

Two trash bags have gone out already! No fabric, just print-outs and plastic bags (I seem to have a penchant for saving plastic bags), used large envelopes and more. I've got to STOP printing things off the Internet unless I'm sure I'm going to use them in the near future. Just such a waste of paper.

I'm making some great discoveries. A very old wicker chatelain -  you know, those little sets that women used to hang around their necks, and each little piece held a pair of scissors, some thread, a needle, etc. I have no idea where I got this, but it's very sweet.  The strangest find has been a little sewing machine that I don't ever remember seeing before... I think my husband may have picked it up at a yard sale. Not sure. It's not old and not very sturdy, so it will be donated to the local thrift shop.

I found some wonderful vintage oilcloth (?) in very bright turquoise and pink that I'm going to use to make curtains and new covers for my office chair.

I now have a great, long "workspace" aside from my sewing table and cutting table. This will be for my laptop, lightbox, coloring, etc. I'm excited about this one. I've not had a good workspace before.

I'm pleased to find out about 75% of my fabric is neatly folded and just needs to be restacked. It apparently all looked messier than it really was.

I hope to be done completely by the end of the upcoming weekend. I can't wait to get started on new projects in my new creative space. Pictures will come, I promise!


Karen said...

Good for you! It must make you feel good to get things cleaned out. We are putting down our wood floor in the bedroom this weekend, and I can't wait to move everything out of the bedroom and then put it back in more neatly!

Anonymous said...

Followed a link over here form orgjunkie.
Can't wait to see this sewing room!

Brad Fallon said...

Will surely wait for the photos. Nice job cleaning your space. Want to look also at that old sewing machine of yours. Might be an Autobot from the Transformers movie.:)