Jan 27, 2011

A completely organized sewing room - finally!

Yes, it took me three weeks of purging, sorting, moving, cleaning, and folding, folding folding - but finally my sewing room is O.R.G.A.N.I.Z.E.D.! Everything has a place, and there is a place for everything. Purging included getting rid of FOUR full trashbags (mostly print-outs from the Internet) of trash and unusable scraps, plus THREE full trashbags of fabric to Freecycle - two home dec/clothing fabrics and one quilting fabric.

This was definitely a redecoration on a budget. The only new items I bought were the three bins you'll see under my cutting table (for light, medium and dark scrap sorting), three new trashcans, and two of the four "current project" boxes you'll see under my ironing station. Everything else has been re-purposed, with some items (the antique cupboards) being brought in from other areas of the house. The biggest addition is the "work station" you'll see in the second video. I have since made a curtain to go between the two bookcases that are the sides to the work station, to cover up the ugly file cabinets.

The movie is in two parts simply because my finger slipped off the record button!

Video 1

Video 2

Tell me what you think!


Angie said...

Looks great and a really good use of your space. I've enjoyed following you in this organizing transition! Thanks for sharing. Your idea of saving old wrapping paper tubes gave me a good idea, and I plan on checking on it when I get home!

DivineFabrics said...

Well I Say CONGRATS! I Know Very Well how Organization is Potent and Important for Those Who Sew, Quilt, Craft, Maintain a Stash, Supplies, etc. GOOD for You!

Anonymous said...

I loved seeing your sewing room! So much space and so well organized. What I do wonder however is how you keep the cat out of the open baskets? If my cat sees a basket, she is in it!


Karen said...

It's going to be so very enjoyable now to work in that room. congratulations!

Shannon said...

I am so impressed and jealous!! I would love to have a room like that. You have done a wonderful job or getting a small room divided up into work areas. I love everything about it. Now hopefully other than an nice deep cleaning once in a while you might have the room the way you will love it!!

Anita - aka Granny Patches said...

Oh my, very nice! Now I'm totally embarrassed cause I haven't gotten mine done yet. I put it aside while I did other things but this week is devoted to getting more organizing done. Hmm.... I DID get my quilting studio really clean even if I didn't do a lot of organizing. For me getting the dust cleaned out is half the battle.

Tami (Pixeltrash) said...

Wow! You have a lot of stuff to organize and you've done it well! Looks great! I am just beginning to sew, so I don't have as much stuff as you do. I also have two closets full of bolts of fabric, some of which really could be sent away. Thanks for stopping by to see my sewing room! I also have a craft room which looks more like your sewing room with tons of stuff. Perhaps I'll have to take your lead and use some of your good ideas for that room!

Tami (Pixeltrash) said...

Also... I love your kitty. Looks like mine! You have lots of nice natural light, but my sewing room is in a basement inside room without windows. Boooo!

beebee said...

Great organized sewing room.
Inspires me to work on organizing mine.
I've done it before but once I work on a few projects it looks like a hurrican went through it!
Keeping things in order is the hardest part for me.

I enjoy reading your blog.


beebee said...

Neatness is wonderful. Staying neat is the real challenge for me
You have inspired me!

beebee said...

Neatness is wonderful. Staying neat is the real challenge for me
You have inspired me!

Julie said...

That's very inspiring, thanks for sharing. I'm just getting started at being a homemaker and hopefully eventually a sewer, so I've bookmarked your blog for further inspiration!