Dec 23, 2010

Planning the New Year - Sewing Room Re-organization starts 01/10/11

In the past few months, I've been in my sewing room quite a lot, and completed several projects, including my queen-sized quilt, mug rugs, and quilted Christmas post cards. All were "scrap" projects, and for me, scrap projects means I am constantly digging through my fabric for the next piece... and the next piece... oh, not that piece... the next piece. The result? My sewing room is a mess. Fabric and notion chaos.

I am going to do a complete re-organization of my sewing room starting January 10. Anyone want to join me? I will be working on it one to two hours a day, two days a week (probably Mon. and Wed.) and weekends. A LOT of time will be spent folding and sorting and purging fabric. Getting rid of projects that no longer interest me. Gathering notions and scissors and patterns and threads and finding just the right home for them.

I will post every step here on my blog -- from when I initially completely empty the room, review the furniture and storage I have and what I need to add or what isn't working and I need to get rid of. This will be a BUDGET reorganization - no running to WallyWorld for storage containers, but using what I have or making do.

If you'd like to join me, please do! I may have a giveaway or two as I find things/fabric I no longer want, need, have a use for. When I begin, I will put up photos of the "before" and hopefully you will do the same. I will post things to motivate me, and they might just motivate YOU.

I find I do not work well in chaos. I need a clean, organized, inspirational space before I can be creative. I need my fabrics sorted and folded, my notions laying in wait, my cutting table clean and at the ready, my sewing machine area cleared and ready for the next project.

Leave a comment here if you think you may want to join in! You can also subscribe to my Twitter and get reminders along the way.

I'm excited! I'm motivated! I can't wait to get started! Join me!


Ilene said...

I need to do some refolding and reorganizing too, but I don't know if I want to commit to it! LOL

I did some of it during the move, so I have all my batting and stuffing on the top closet shelf, and Spike gave me a nice bookshelf that holds my quilt books and magazines, and baskets of things. I'll be watching you though and maybe you can get me in the mood. I'm always on the lookout for good ideas.

You are so good at this, wish I was better. Rock on! Hugs

jilly said...

I will certainly stop by and cheer you on, as I did this last month. I do believe I still have some "fine tuning" to complete. As far as the mutiplies over night. Seriously, and I on a self imposed fabric diet!!!!

Happy Christmas.


KatKing said...

I'm interested, I do need inspiration. My quilting is fairly organized but I have other areas in house that really need down-sizing so will follow you for inspiration! Thx!

Alwayskeptintap said...

I will join you in this venture! i deperately need to organize my sewing space and the rest of me house, too!I'll be with you all the way! Cathy in MA