Dec 20, 2010

Menu Planning Monday & To Do List for the week

This is a week of full time babysitting for Mr.. B., plus Christmas preparations. Too tired to cook at the end of the day, so meals are relatively easy ones. You can share your menu plan at Organized Junkie.

Grilled Steak
Green salad

Hot dogs in Rolls
Macaroni and Cheese
Pickles, cole slaw

Steamed green beans

Homemade Turkey Soup (freezer)
Frozen DiGiorno Pizza

FRIDAY (Christmas Eve)
Homemade Lasagna
Green salad
Homemade rolls, butter

SATURDAY (Christmas)
Leftover Lasagna
Dog Poop* w/pumpernickel bread rounds
Cheese, crackers
Raw veggies & dip
Assorted fresh fruits
Christmas cookies, leftover jello cake

*Dog Poop Recipe - I wish I remembered the real name for this, but it was my kids' favorite when they were young, and "Dog Poop" is the name they gave it! Brown 1 lb. sausage and 1 lb. ground beef, drain. Add 1 lb. Velveeta Cheese and mix until cheese is melted. Put in a crock pot and keep it on "warm". To serve, simply spoon a tablespoon full of meat mixture onto small pumpernickel or rye bread party rounds.

*Christmas Jello Cake - Basic recipe is here.  I use a two layer white cake mix and cook according to package directions. Cool cake completely and poke with a fork all over top of each layer. Then I mix 1 packet of red (strawberry) sugar free jello with 1/4 cup hot water, and separately mix 1 package of green (lime) sugar free jello with 1/4 cup hot water, and pour one color jello over one layer, the second color jello over the second layer. I "frost" the cake with Cool Whip, including some between the two layers. You can decorate the top with sprinkles or other Christmas cake embellishments. When you cut into the cake it's beautiful! One layer is marbled with red, and one layer is marbled with green. Keep refrigerated.

You can share your list at Domestically Obsessed.

  • Wrapping gifts (argh - still  not done!)
  • Vac and dust downstairs (Thurs.)
  • Clean bathrooms (Thurs.)
  • Change master bedroom sheets (Thurs.)
  • Laundry (1 load a day)
  • Christmas craft with Mr. B. (Thurs)
  • Make cookies with Mr. B. (Wed.)
  • Empty all upstairs and downstairs trash cans.
  • Check fridge for any food that needs to go to trash.
  • Trash out (Wed.)
  • Clean/vac car.
  • Grocery list/grocery shopping. (Thurs.)
  • Bring cookies to neighbors. (Wed.)
  • Bake Christmas Jello Cake (Fri.)
  • Make lasagna (Fri.)
  • Evening out to view local Christmas lights (Wed.)
  • Shopping with Mr. B for his mom's present. (Tues.)
  • Go to Mr. B's school to pick up his gift he made for his mom. (Tues.)
  • Yankee Candle store for some Christmas candles (Tues? Wed?)

That's it! Except for falling behind on wrapping presents, I feel like I'm on target for the week coming up. It is certainly less stressful than having everything hanging over me at the last minute!

I hope you enjoy your week too.

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