Nov 19, 2010

My long list of home DIY projects

I've decided to make a list of all the home projects I want to get done. Lists remind me. Lists help me keep organized. This particular list isn't a "do it now" list, but more of a "do it as you have time - but do it" kind of list.

Master Bedroom:
Find nightstands for master bedroom at local auctions or thrift stores.
Paint (to repurpose) master bedroom dressers.
Headboard, headboard, headboard.

Quilt/Sewing Room:
Build cubby-type storage for quilt room. (See this link.)
Move metal shelves from quilt room to basement for pantry storage.

Paint kitchen cupboards. (Check out this link!)

Guest Bathroom:
Paint downstairs bathroom, including cabinet.
Hang new mirror over sink.
Find new artwork/accessories.
Check Habitat for Humanity store for bathroom lighting - or buy new.

Family Room:
Get rid of that ugly recliner in family room!!
Paint family room.
New curtains? Watch for ideas/sales.
Find new comfy chair for family room at auction, re-upholster if necessary.
Create wall display of old mirrors (See at Anthropologie.)

Frame and hang old family pictures. (Idea from this blog post.)

Increase workable size of vegetable garden by moving perennials to new garden.
Have apple tree trimmed by arborist - grow usable apples!
Move clothesline so it's more accessible.

Start serious herb garden next to patio.
Prune grape vines - let's make jelly again!

Move forward on idea for making pillows out of (you'll have to find out!) for family room sofa.
Watch for frame for sailboat artwork - sale or auction.

That's all I can think of for now. I will probably add to it as I think of it. At some point I'll add this to the side of my blog so I can keep track of what gets done.

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