Nov 19, 2010

It's so nice when a company stands behind their products - Sunbeam did!

Every quilter knows how important a good iron is. For me, I prefer a fairly heavy iron and one that gives an above-average shot of steam. I also like a larger than normal water tank. I did have a Rowenta Pro Master iron that served me well for several years -- after paying only $2 for it at a yard sale -- that I truly loved. Unfortunately, a new Rowenta was not in my budget.

After much testing and hefting, I bought a Sunbeam iron that fit the bill. It was heavy, it had a large water tank, it had a "cleaning" button, and it offered a "steam burst". I loved it. Actually, I loved it more than the expensive Rowenta because it was easier to fill and held more water. But I had it only a few months, and the steam button popped off. Shortly after, the spray button followed. Now, this iron wasn't inexpensive by any means -- I paid $45 for it. Less than the Rowenta, but not money I was willing to just throw away.

I wrote to the Sunbeam company a few weeks ago, and told them what happened to my beloved iron. They immediately responded and said they would be happy to replace it, but that model was discontinued, and they would replace it with model xyz. I went to WalMart and looked at iron xyz and didn't like it -- too light, no extra burst of steam, small water tank. I wrote back and told them, although I appreciated their offer, I needed a different (better) iron than what they were offering.

Yesterday, the mailman brought a wonderful surprise - my new Sunbeam Steam Master iron! It's heavy, it has a large water tank, it has the "cleaning" feature, and it has an extra burst of steam.

I don't complain to companies often. But I will definitey write a complaint when products break too easily or don't live their life expectancy. Often I will get a polite apology, or I get a customer service rep who tells me if I send the product back with original receipt, they'll replace it -- and of course, I've not kept a receipt for six months on a product I expect to last for years.

So I was delighted when Sunbeam stood behind their product. They took my word that the product broke before it's time, and they replaced it without any hassle at all.

It's a company that I will buy from again - with confidence!

Now it's on to the SC Johnson Company that sent me a sample of a sheet of "Shout Color Catcher" you pop in the washer to prevent colors from bleeding onto other clothes. "No more sorting!" the sample says. I have a brand new off-white long-sleeved winter shirt with horrible pink streaks that says differently. Let's see if they stand behind their product!


Karen said...

I'm going to have to do the same thing with my Kodak camera. I bought it in July and it's broken!

Three Prince Designs said...

Yeah- you are the winner of the $100 gift bundle to You Can Make This!! I will have the bundle emailed to you.

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