Nov 8, 2010

Menu Planning Monday - 11/08/10

This week is all about meals I can double (or triple) and put extra in the freezer. On days I babysit Mr. B., I often don't feel like cooking a big meal after a long day (especially on Fridays when he doesn't go to preschool for at least part of the day), so I want to put some meals in the freezer for the future babysitting days. I will cook double or even triple of any meal listed with an *asterisk below.

Chili made with ground beef and beans*

Crockpot country ribs with BBQ sauce
Leftover chili, homemade cole slaw
Chicken Vegetable Stew*
Homemade whole wheat rolls*

Steak on grill
Green salad, leftover whole wheat rolls

Chicken casserole (from freezer)

Breakfast for Dinner
Bacon, whole wheat toast

Roast Beef*
Brown rice, gravy, peas, rolls

Breakfasts: Breakfast wraps, oatmeal w/whole wheat toast, cereal with fruit.

Packed Lunches for Jeff: Chili burritos, tuna salad, leftovers, fruit, cheese sticks, yogurt, graham crackers.

Plan your meals and join the Menu Planning Monday group at Organized Junkie!

You know I'm a To Do List freak. I start every single day with my spiral notebook and pen in hand (sitting out on my deck sipping coffee when the weather allows), and make up my list for the day. No listie, no do-ie! My lists keep me sane. My lists keep me productive. My lists get things done! So you know how happy I was to find a weekly meme on To Do Lists! I'm in! So here's my general list for the WEEK:

  • Change sheets in master bedroom
  • Clean master bath, downstairs bath
  • Shampoo carpets upstairs
  • Vac and dust downstairs
  • Solicit Christmas gift ideas from family members - start Christmas shopping list
  • Cut out new squares for Cathedral Quilt, work on at night while watching TV
  • Finish cutting out new quilt to work on when Mr. B is napping.
  • Clean out refrigerator, inventory what's left
  • Inventory freezer, pantry - organize
  • Take all "good china" out of dining room hutch and run through dishwasher - prep for Thanksgiving
  • Thanksgiving menu
  • Wash Thanksgiving tablecloth, napkins
  • Wash kitchen, hallway and bathroom floors
  • Windex slider, kitchen windows, appliances, front door
  • Wipe down woodwork going upstairs, front door
  • Menu planning
  • Work with Mr. B on his reading / writing skills
  • Babysitting Tuesday, Thursday afternoon, Friday
  • Vac car
  • Purchase white Christmas lights for backyard trees - put them up while weather is still warm!
  • Sweep leaves off patio and deck
That ought to keep me busy! You can post your own To Do List on Domestically Obsessed!


Ammie @ said...

Hey! Thanks for linking up! Awesome list! Let us know how it goes with the christmas lights! pics!!!!

Annett/ Fit Moms Fit Kids Club said...

What a great way to do it!! Just double or triple meals!! I tried a big freezer day and was tiring, but good. But, your way sounds doable for most! Good idea.