Jan 26, 2010

I played cards today

Mr. B came to my house today. I taught him how to play "Go Fish". And I taught him how to deal the cards himself. He won two games and I won two games. I am not a believer in "letting" children win games, so he won fair and square. And while I was watching him, listening to him say, "No I don't - GO FISH!" and seeing him deal those cards out (1-1, 2-2, 3-3.....), I remembered. My grandmother and I played cards every afternoon that I was at her house. We played "Go Fish" initially, and moved on to Rummy. She never let me win (that I know of). Those afternoons were so special to me. I played cards with my kids when they were little.... starting out with "Go Fish" and later moving on to Rummy and Uno. When going through difficult times with my daughter in her teens and early 20's, one way we could reconnect was by sitting down and playing cards. And here I was, spending a cold winter afternoon, playing cards with my almost 4-year old grandson, and we were both having such a wonderful time. He'd smile at me across the table and melt my heart. I guess I realized that this afternoon was (hopefully) the first of many we'd spend just this way... first with "Go Fish" and later, we'll play Rummy. And someday, he'll sit at a kitchen table and look across the table at the next generation little guy, and smile at him and say, "You know.. I used to play cards with my grandmother when I was little..." I am so blessed.


Karen said...

Playing cards is a childhood memory I will always cherish. Card-playing was huge in my family. Will you teach him to play 45's? You haven't posted a picture of Mr. B in a long time....I can't believe that's him!

FindSavings said...

It is so nice that the card tradition carries on. I started with Go Fish, War, Rummi, Gin, and then double solitaire. Oh so fun, I can't wait for my daughter to be able to play. Thanks for sharing.