Oct 8, 2009

It's a Clorox Wipes kinda day!

Once again, I was called into Grandmother Service this week, and had a sick Mr. B here with me. I knew last Friday when I did my normal babysitting stint that he was probably getting sick - you can just tell when a little one isn't acting like him/herself for no apparent reason that they probably just don't feel well and doesn't yet know it. Sure enough, he got sick Sunday evening, and I got the call early Monday morning. Took him to the pediatrician on Tuesday and got him on antibiotics for his normal respiratory infection and bad cough. By yesterday afternoon he was feeling much better (and had 3 days of energy that hadn't been expended). Today, hopefully, he's back to his regular babysitter. Meanwhile, my house looks like World War III in Toyland, I can practically feel the germs oozing around the remote control and refrigerator door, laundry has stacked up, and I need to go grocery shopping or my husband will be taking a can opener and can of cat food to work tomorrow. Translation: I have a busy day today. Who invented Clorox Wipes? I'm betting it was a Mom or Grandma to a sick child! Why haven't THEY won a major award?! I've been using Clorox Wipes for the past three days, and will do one more round of Germ Extermination today. Every light switch, every door knob, telephones, remote controls, faucet handles, toilet handles, and toys that he played with - everything will get a swish with the ol' Clorox Wipes. I'll also have to vac today - cracker crumbs, curly macaroni and general 3 yr old flotsum (we had "scissor practice" and did crafts several times). I also need to change sheets, replace hand towels, and pick assorted dried food things off the kitchen table. I need to wash placemats, put toys away, and empty kleenex-filled trash baskets (and those are just the unused Kleenex I kept handing him - I don't think he actually USED any.) There's sneeze residue on my computer, the coffee table, and probably the arms of all chairs in the family room. There's fingerprints on windows and doors (from standing and looking out, wishing he could go outside to play), the TV screen and the DVD player that need to be Windex'ed. Blankets that need to be washed and pillows that need to be aired out from nap time. Booster seat and chair backs that need to have paint, pudding, and spaghetti sauce removed. And the list goes on... And what do I actually FEEL like doing? Staying in my bathrobe, making a pot of coffee and watching TV for awhile, then maybe take a nap for an hour or two, and then trying to finish up Mr. B's quilt! I am energy-short and relaxation-deprived and I really don't feel like doing anything! The Angel and the Devil on my shoulders - who will win? Let me just grab this container of Clorox Wipes sitting next to my computer and I'll come back and tell you later.

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