Sep 7, 2009

Back to real life!

Today is my first non-weekend day of no babysitting! Wooo Hoo! Mr. B returns to his "other" babysitter tomorrow, and I don't babysit again until Friday, then every Monday and Friday from then on. I'm fully enthused about getting back to my "real" life as something other than a grandmother! Don't get me wrong - I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of every 10 hour day I spent with my grandson. He is an amazing person - inquisitive is an understatement, talkative doesn't even begin to describe his rate of conversation, and he's funny, smart, polite, and physically active. In the seven weeks I had him, he got put in "time out" only twice. That's pretty darn good for a 3 1/2 year old! I will miss my daily routines with him! The first thing I did on Saturday was head for my quilt room. Oh my, it's actually DUSTY! But Mr. B told me he needed a new "blanket" because he is SO tall that his feet stick out from under his old one (one I made when he was a baby)! How can I not make him a quilt? I needed to make a quick-quilt, so I robbed my stash and found a Baby Genius panel that has the alphabet and numbers, both of which Mr. B is determined to learn. Plus he loves the CARS movie, specifically Mater (the brown tow truck) and Lightening McQueen (red car). So I combined the two and came up with this:

Because of the panel, I was able to put it together in just two hours. Today I'll quilt it - with glow in the dark thread! I hope to outline the letters and numbers, do stars in the black star border, and then just do a meandering stitch in the CARS border.

But before I quilt - it's back to reality. My housework has suffered during the Mr. B excursion, and I need to get it back under control! So here is my To Do List - though it's for the next two days (so I can get some quilt time in this afternoon).

  • Laundry (though I'm not behind on this, just keeping up) - done
  • Run dishwasher - done
  • de-junk kitchen - done
  • clean microwave - done
  • vac - done
  • clean counters - done
  • mop kitchen floor
  • cobweb patrol (around ceiling fan especially) - done
  • declutter telephone stand/bookcase - done
  • clean junk drawer
  • empty bread drawer (it's full of toys!)
  • find box/storage for toy cars
  • Clean family room - done
  • declutter family room - done
  • dust family room - done
  • vac family room - done
  • Clean downstairs bathroom - done
  • Wash guest towels - done
  • Empty and rinse d/s bathroom trash can - done
  • Wash bathroom floor (there's been a boy in the house!) - done
  • Dust, vac office - done
  • declutter desk top
  • reorganize toys in office - done
  • Dust, vac dining room

Well, THAT ought to keep me busy! I think I'll have to delegate some of this to my husband! I'll ask him to vac and mop the floors for me. What a good wife! LOL Oh wait, what a good husband, because I know I can ask him and I know he'll say yes!

Still on the DASH diet and doing just fine. Tomorrow I'll post the menues I've laid out for the week. I have no idea if I've lost weight, but that's not the goal. The goal is to get my blood pressure down before my next doctor's appt on the 27th. If there's weight loss included, I'll be happy!

I'll also get back to blogging on my Quilting on a Budget blog this week. There's a lot that needs to be taken care of in the background before getting it back up and going, but it will be back!


Carol said...

Totally love Mater. He is my favorite car from the movie. Love the quilt. Looking forward to your return to the Quilting on a Budget blog. I for one have been having withdrawal symptoms :)

Lucy said...

Glow in the dark thread, huh. Quilting has come a long way since I last made one. Adorable quilt! Aren't grandchildren the best?