Jul 14, 2009

Git 'er done!

Tons to do today! The weather here in southwestern Ohio is just about as perfect as it ever gets in mid-July -- low 60's this morning and low humidity! I wasn't even sure such weather was possible here! But I'll take it... I'm off to the garden center this morning. Yesterday Jeff, Mr. B and I went on a trekking adventure through the jungles of what has always been my vegetable garden -- a fenced in plot of land about 30 x 80 feet in the back corner of our yard. It breaks my heart to go out there and see the weeds taller than Mr. B (oh heck, many of them were taller than ME!), perennials trying to fight their way through the weeds -- and not a vegetable in sight. This is the first year in nearly 30 years that I've not had a vegetable garden of one size or another. I was willing to live with the fact that my back will no longer allow me to spend hours and hours tilling the garden, planting the seeds and plants or weeding, but then this precious little grandson of mine looked up at me in the middle of the larger-than-life weed forest and said, "Umma, where's the tomatoes?" Sigh sigh sigh... Yes, I'd forgotten I promised him last Fall we would plant tomatoes and green beans. Obviously it's too late to turn my vegetable garden around (though the three of us did spend about two hours pulling the larger of the weeds just to keep the neighbors from complaining), but it's not to late to head to the garden store today and buy a mature tomato plant and drop it in a large container on the back deck. A second container for green beans or zucchini (depending on what seeds I can find this time of year), and a third small container for some lettuce. The vegetables in pots will be enough for Mr. B to understand the concept of gardening - put a seed in the ground, take care of it, pull weeds, watch things grow, enjoy the fruits of your labor. But it's also motivation for me to get my sorry butt to the doctor's and get this back problem taken care of once and for all so that NEXT year Mr. B and I can have our big vegetable garden back again! But that's not all... Oh, no, my To Do List is overflowing today! Today I am also tackling my dum dum dum dummmmmm office! Now that I am flying free with my wireless laptop, I really no longer need my office or my old desktop PC. (In case you're wondering, I already have a quilt/sewing room separate from this area, and my husband has his own office in an extra bedroom upstairs.) My office is located off the kitchen and, as rooms that don't get used often have a tendency to do, is quickly becoming a "landing zone" for things without a home. Ummm... no. Not going to happen. Time to nip this in the bud before it goes anywhere. I've been debating about what to use this room for, and realized, as I was tripping over toys in the family room yesterday, that it's the perfect room for a temporary playroom for Mr. B. It already has a wall of shelves (toy storage) and a table (crafts), and all I really need to do is clear out the computer, computer desk and chair, and the shredder (I'm thinking a shredder and curious 3 year old fingers might not mix) and a few miscellaneous office supplies, and it will be the perfect room to contain Mr. B and his toys while he's here with me five days a week during July, August and September. It will give him a good place to play but where I can still see him when I'm working or cooking in the kitchen. This will, hopefully, be temporary. We have a playroom in our basement already, but it's not a place I'm willing to send Mr. B down to by himself. Too much down there he can get into if he's not supervised. But this temporary playroom will keep me on track with my quest to have Mr. B adopt to MY schedule, not vice versa. After that? I'm thinking this little room will make a wonderful cozy library/reading room. So now it's off the computer and on to the To Do List! Maybe I'll even take some before and after pics for you!

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Karen said...

Busy, busy. It's great to be busy. I'm happy I've been offered to work full time at my company but how am I going to fit everything in???