Jun 22, 2009

Treasure Hunting with Mr. B

Jeff loved his Father's Day present, as I was pretty sure he would. Yesterday we took Mr. B out on his first "treasure hunt". Despite not knowing how to use the new GPS, we did manage to find our first "treasure"! The little metal can was tucked way up underneath the cannon, but Jeff found it. What fun! When we opened the can, there was a log to sign, and a few trinkets. These trinkets are there for the geocacher to take - but in return, you leave a little something too. Jeff had some antique streetcar tokens, so we left one of those. I'm going to run out today and pick up a photo album, and start Mr. B's "Treasure Hunt book". I'll put the time, date and place of each "treasure" and a photo of him at the treasure site. I think it might be something he'd enjoy having years down the line!


Morgan said...

How fun! I'd love to try geocaching someday. I guess that would require buying a GPS, huh?

Tipper said...

What fun they had! I've always wanted to try this or letter boxing. A photo album sound like the perfect idea.