Jun 23, 2009

Oh it's hot hot hot

We're headed for the 90's again today here in southwestern Ohio. My goodness, summer has it fast and hard here. I reset our central air up two degrees - to 78 - in an effort to keep our electric bill at least in the realm of possibility. I've switched over to cooking summer meals now - lighter, less oven meals, less stove top when possible. Tonight is BBQ chicken cooked on the grill, homemade coleslaw and 3 Bean Salad. Last week I had a craving for good BBQ chicken, pre-cooked the chicken and then discovered it just started to pour rain outside when I was ready to take it out to the grill, so I ended up baking it in the oven instead. The next night we had plenty of chicken for a second meal, so I put that out on the grill to reheat - and it was some of the best BBQ chicken I've ever made! I guess having the chicken sit in the BBQ sauce all night in the fridge is the key. If anyone has a great BBQ chicken recipe, please share! The ongoing saga of EX-SIL is not so on-going at the moment. After all the broo-ha-ha over his stubborn threats to appear at my daughter's house last Sunday, he never showed. Go figure. Made me realize that I am giving this guy WAY too much power over how my day is going -- I spent the entire day fretting about what was going on at Mary's house, when I should have just been enjoying myself. Even Jeff was a bit snippy that day, and anyone who knows him knows he is never, ever that way with me. It was all raw nerves and worry, so I understood where he was coming from. A little good news, though. Mary brought me a copy of her divorce papers last night and son of a gun, they include a COURT ORDER that Ex-Sil is NOT to come near my house or Mary's house under any circumstances. It also has a COURT ORDER that he is under no conditions be allowed to visit Mr. B -- and stated firmly that he is MENTALLY UNFIT. Yay! These are better than Protective Orders -- the only way they can be rescinded is if Ex-Sil takes Mary to Court to get it changed. More good news, despite not being allowed ANY type of visitation (including county supervised), he must pay half of all Mr. B's medical expenses, must pay $2000 for my car that he totalled, and must re-pay Mary ALL of the medical expenses incurred when Mr. B was in Shriner's Burns Hospital. Now, granted, the chances of Mary seeing any of this are zero, but until all those moneys are paid back, he can't get any of the Court Orders changed. See where I'm going with this? Of course, it would help if Ex-Sil could comprehend the wording of the Divorce papers... but still... I think I've mentioned that Jeff now works from home full time. Every time I mention that to one of my friends, I have to laugh at their negative reaction. I love having my husband home all the time, though I admit that I don't see him much more now than when he was going to the office every day! He is in his office upstairs by 8am, and, except for wandering down to get a cup of coffee or lunch, I don't see him again until 5:30pm or so. But if I just want to chit chat or stop by for a quick smooch, he's right there - I love it! And I have to tell you, my husband has a fairly stressful job (one of those jobs full of deadlines and meetings and more meetings and bigger deadlines), and - are you ready for this? - when he wants to DE-stress, he cleans. That's right, I said it - HE CLEANS! I'll be sitting downstairs and suddenly hear water running upstairs, and there he is - cleaning the bathrooms! LOL The other day I suddenly heard the vaccuum running! Now these cleaning marathons are quick - 15 minutes or so. But that man can make a dent in the housework in 15 minutes, let me tell you! I've pretty much lost about one-half of the housework I was doing because, with the exception of changing the bed linens (and never say never), he pretty much takes care of all the cleaning of the upstairs -- four roooms and two bathrooms. Oh yeah, I'm good with this working from home thing! ...and YES! OF COURSE! My husband looks EXACTLY like that photo! (Well, in my mind, anyway...)

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