Apr 4, 2009

Don't enter this GiveAway....

Because *I* want to win! But I need to post about it for a second entry, so I guess the chances are, you'll enter too -- because it's an incredible giveaway!. Chris at Just Beachy is giving away two one-room design plans. Here's how she describes it:
This includes an evaluation of one room through photo's and emails as well as a series of questions , I will give you a detailed list of suggestions and to do's for you , including inspirational photos and paint colours , floor plan as well as a detailed list of resources , drawings may also be included. From wall colors to window treatments I can help you make the room of your dreams a reality .
Oh me, please pick me, please please please! I mentioned at the beginning of the year that 2009 was going to be the year of working on my home. Well, thanks to Mr. Bush and now Mr. Obama, 2009 is going to be the year of watching every penny and not spending any money on non-essentials. There will be no new furniture, there will be no hiring a designer to help with furniture lay-out, there will be no new window treatments. My darling husband had planned to retire in the next five years, and that is now extended to at least ten, and possibly fifteen, more years - depending on the ability of the stock market to bounce back. Yes, we lost a LOT of our retirement funding in the stock market. We were THIS close to living our dream life in five more years -- moving back to New England, buying a home, living amongst our friends and family. But there are still things I can do (and have done) around my home to make it a more welcome, friendly, pretty place! Re-arranging furniture, hanging quilts, putting out collections on display, painting, etc. So this giveaway is made for ME! -- but I guess you can enter too, if you must!

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