Jan 17, 2009

Where to find Giveaways

Wooo Hooo! I’ve won another giveaway (Amy Schimler fabric with the most adorable matching buttons. I won the fabric in the center of the picture. Click on the photo to enlarge.)! I do believe that’s #6 in the past two months. Lucky? No! Smart? Yes! You can’t win a Giveaway unless you enter, and I enter a lot!

I thought I’d share some web sites that keep a running list of Giveaways.

Etsy Giveaways

Bloggy Giveaways

The Giveaway

One World One Heart - 100's of Crafters - Begins 01/19

I have my own personal Giveaway rules. First, I read instructions thoroughly – some want you to describe something, some want you to write about a subject, some want you to simply leave a comment on their blog. Some want you to post or link to the information about their giveaway on your own blog.

Second, I never put my name in for items I either don’t care for or can’t use. Baby and scrapbooking items are big giveaways, and I can’t use either. These Giveaway items are often handmade items that come from the heart – they deserve to go to new homes that will appreciate them to the degree the giver intended. So if you don’t care or can’t use an item – move on.

Lastly, I do not enter giveaways for which I have to return to the web site to find out the winner. Ninety-nine percent of giveaways will email you if you win. I have enough disorganized bookmarks – I don’t need more.

So go forth and COMMENT! I’ll even let you have the HGTV Dream House Giveaway – I can’t afford the taxes or transfer fees on a $2.5 million dollar house and trying to sell a house like that in the current economy? Ummm…. no thanks. You can have that one!

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Lisa said...

That fabric you won is insanely cute!