Jan 15, 2009

Extreme Blog Makeover

Wow, how cool would it be to have someone actually look at your blog and give it a makeover?! I have two blogs - this one (duh) and my Quilting on a Budget blog, and of the two, I'd be hardpressed to decide which one needs a makover the most. I've seen many free blog backgrounds and blog templates, but every one I've seen and contemplated downloading warns me that all my links and widgets will be erased when I do it... Ummmm... no thanks. So here's a good deal -- Tara of BlogMakeovers byTara works with several blog designers, many of whom design backgrounds and buttons and whatmacallits very suitable to crafters and quilters. Tara comes to your blog and does a complete makeover, including Custom background, Custom header, Custom made sidebar headers, Optional navigation Bar, Three column layout (something I desperately want!), Custom made signature, Favicon, and Your own blog button! How cool is that! And from now until January 31, she is offering these services at 50% off... so that's... $13.00! Considering 18,000+ people have viewed this blog (eeps!), and another 8000 have hit the QOB blog, I think this might be money well spent. And oh yeah, Tara is also having a Giveaway of a free blog makeover, but don't enter that because I really, really want to win it myself.


Karen said...

I could probably use that blog make-over. I tried going on a website where you could download free blog templates but couldn't get it to work. pleh!

Tina said...

I LOVE this! Thanks so much for the info. I will get this service....but I am trying to win it too! hehe