Jan 11, 2009

Weird Recipes for SuperBowl Sunday

I'm hoping everyone has a weird recipe or two they love, so I don't look completely bonkers with these. With the Big Football Day coming up, I thought I'd share two of my tried and true you won't believe how good it is and people will promise you their first born if you'll share the recipe recipes. This is the BEST spread for crackers: Pineapple Twist Spread 1 8 oz cream cheese block 1 jar horseradish 1 jar pineapple preserves That's it. Put your cream cheese on a plate as is, put a light coating of horseradish on the top, then a thick coating of pineapple preserves. Don't tell people what's in it until they've ooo'd and ahhhh'd their way through at least half of it. For me, this is a no fail everybody loves it recipe. You're doubting my sanity, I can tell... Read on... Dog Poop aka Heart Attack in a Crockpot 1 lb velveeta cheese 1 lb ground beef 1 lb bulk sausage That's it. Brown and break up the ground beef and sausage, drain. Add the velveeta and cook over low heat until cheese is melted. Put the whole mess in a crockpot on low and keep it warm. I serve this on little party rounds of pumpernickle or rye bread. Yum-bo! My kids named it Dog Poop so long ago that I don't remember the real name of it anymore! One more... Hubby Pleaser --8 oz block of cream cheese --1 can tomatoes and green chiles (aka Rotel), drained --1 lb breakfast sausage, browned and drained Brown and breakup the sausage and drain. Put cream cheese in a crockpot. Add sausage and tomatoes with chiles. Cook on low for 90 minutes. Stir well and serve with crackers or tortilla chips. I don't remember the name of this recipe either. When my Mom came up with a recipe that my Dad loved, she always called it "Hubby Pleaser"... all of these recipes could be called that, trust me. Any time you combine cream cheese with another ingredient (especially meat) and melt it all together, men will think you're a superstar. What's your weird recipe??


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you posted earlier about "not dieting" this time of year because with these recipes it would be VERY hard to do!

Even though I am not a health-nut freak, I must admit to cringing a little to all the high fat and high calories in these recipes. It is making my heart "clogged" just by reading them. Maybe that is why we crave them so and they continue to urge us to eat them, our addiction to them.

Heart attack in a crockpot is a great name. How about "Lard on My Hips?" LOL. Enjoy though and eat some for me please...Super Bowl only comes once a year!


Joan said...

LOL! I agree! I have to stress - this is NOT every day fare at our house! The Dog Poop, for example, is a once a year treat on Christmas Day. The others are reserved for company only. I'm not trying to kill off my blog readers, honest! LOL

Dixie's Whimsey said...

this is sort of a cross between your Dog Poop and Hubby Pleaser... Perhaps we'd call it Hubby and Dog Pleaser?
1/2# lean ground beef
1/2# ground sausage
1# Velveta
1-can Rotel (we like Hot!)
1-can Cream of Mushroom Soup...

serve with tortillo chips! I know it sounds weird.. (that is what you were looking for, right!)... but it's delicious... I just don't usually tell people about the soup... ;)