Jan 28, 2009

Have car port will travel

I have to admit that I love to watch the live Cincinnati Traffic cameras when there's a storm outside. And we most definitely have a storm here -- where I live got about 7 inches of snow yesterday, then 1.5 inches of ice, and now more snow. To say that makes for bad driving conditions in southwestern Ohio is an understatement. Bad weather conditions make for good traffic cam viewing. I was looking at a camera that showed a fender-bender accident (you can see the car at the right bumper of the big truck below), and look what I see drive by! I know there's some perfectly good explanation for it - but I prefer to picture some industrious guy fastening his car port to his truck to keep it out of the snow! LOL Hey - I find my laughs where I can! UPDATE We're now under a Level 3 Snow Emergency here, with 10-15 inches (more? I hope not!) of snow forecast. This is what a Level 3 Snow Emergency looks like - taken about 1 mile south of Cincinnati in what is locally called "The Cut in the Hill". These trucks are traveling (or trying to) UP the hill. And this is what normally busy I-75 looks like, about 1 mile from my house:

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Dixie's Whimsey said...

Oh my goodness! We were suppose to get some icy weather last night... but alas... the storm did not come this far south... my girls are "iced in" in Dallas, but down here in French Lique... I hate to admit it, but I had to take my jacket off this afternoon because it really warmed up... i was wearing a sleeveless top underneath! I'd love to send you some sunshine and warm weather Joan... but the best I can do is to tell you, the teapots always on. Come South!