Jan 29, 2009

A day in the life of… a housewife!

Pack my husband’s lunch – roast beef roll-up, cheese crackers, diet pudding, diet root beer.


Throw in a load of laundry…


Dishes into the dishwasher


Take my vitamins


Clean up the crock pot that soaked overnight

100_2118 Clean up kitchen sink and counters


Menu planning


Enjoy a cup of coffee while watching the birds out the kitchen window


Toy pick-up in the family room


Quick trip to the library


Do some sock knitting


Fix supper – oh no! The shake n’ bake bag broke…

100_2113Sweep the floor & clean up the mess, continue with dinner


Feed Joey the killer cat


And lots more I never took photos of!

What a lovely life I have!


Lisa said...

Two comments: wow, look at the cardinal! And, how was the Multiple Blessings book? What did they talk about?

Joan said...

I've only read about 30 pages of the MB book, and so far, not so great. Her writing style and how she appears on the show are total opposites of each other (so far - I do need to read more). On the show, Kate is definitely a crack-the-whip, in control of her domain kind of person. In her writing, she's much, much "softer". The two just aren't gelling in my mind -- so far. Perhaps she'll start writing about what idiots all men are or how her husband never says things exactly the way she thinks they should be said (rolling eyes)... and then the book will be a bit more believable. We'll see!

Lisa said...

That's funny! I went to their website once and she had a blog up that was totally insane in my mind. There were exclamation marks and comma splices everywhere. I'm sure that the publisher cleaned that part up, but the over-the-top joyfulness definitely seems out of character with the show (or at least how they edit it!). I definitely understand how that would be off-putting.

Anonymous said...

I like it.