Jan 30, 2009

Give Adam some Love

Do you have adult children? Do you want to feel like Mother of the Year? Go this blog - Please Don't Eat Sushi! Love, Mom It is one of the funniest blogs on the net -- because it's TRUE. You can thank me later. Adam's Mom does what ALL of us mom's WANT to do, but somehow know better. Leave Adam a comment, k? The poor guy deserves some love after all his Mom has put him through over the years.


Lisa said...

I have visited this blog once in the past on your recommendation, and I have to say that I think his mom is sweet! :-)

Dixie's Whimsey said...

Joan.. I think you and I are Adams #1 fans... I love his blog! my guess is... he gets a lot more "hits" than "comments"... blessings. Dixie

Anonymous said...

i am officially entertained now, not that i have adult kids. or any kids, for that matter. hahahha. no matter! thanks for sharing some fun :)